Thursday, November 1, 2012

Leonard's Rebound RSV-2CE NT and Psalms

Reader Corey recently had his Ignatius RSV-2CE Compact New Testament and Psalms rebound by Leonard's Book Restoration Station.  He has provided some of the specs regarding the restoration and will provide some additional commentary in the future.


  • recover of the Ignatius RSV-CE "NT/Psalms".  Originally blue bonded leather (which, of bonded leather bibles, I think Ignatius' is the best.)
  • recovered by Leonard's Book Restoration
  • Chocolate "Soft-tanned Goatskin"
  • Blind stamping of name and "Holy Bible" on spin.
  • They added the spin ribbing and replaced the original 2 red ribbons with the 3 different colors.


Jason Engel said...

I'm fascinated by books with great covers. That is definitely a good re-bind.

losabio said...

Wow, great job Leonard's! I'll bet Corey is enjoying that "new Bible smell". :)

Deep South Reader said...

Caveat: Does not taste like chocolate.

Seriously, I will comment more on the recover and the particular bible itself, but I am VERY pleased. I am having a NSRV XL w/Apoc recovered in black goatskin for our pastor (because he has more than enough NABs and RSVs and he likes that particular edition. I will send photos of that recover as well.

Matt said...

What was the cost?

Christopher W. Speaks said...

I suspect this one was right under $100.

I really like the chocolate goatskin. I had an Compact Oxford NRSV w/ Apoc rebound in the chocolate goatskin a couple of years ago, but it didn't turn out so well, which was more my fault than it was Leonard's. I experimented with some extreme yapp and four ribbon markers. The end result was too much leather on a small Bible and too many ribbons for comfort. The Bible was a joy to hold and touch (I gave it away last year), but something never felt quite right about it.

I must say that this lil' beauty is nearly as fine as J. Mark Bertrand's recent rebind of the Clarion ESV in English calfskin.

Deep South Reader said...

$89.50 before the extras. Blind stamping ($10), 3 ribbons ($20 and shipping ($10), came to $111.50. Not inexpensive, but the opposite end of the spectrum from "cheap". More later.