Thursday, November 1, 2012

Catholicism Pure and Simple

I first came across the writings of popular Catholic blogger Fr. Dwight Longenecker a few years back when I was in Rome.  I had stopped in a fairly large bookstore just outside the Vatican and picked up a small booklet entitled The God Man: Finding the Real Jesus written by Fr. Longenecker.  It was a short book, but one that was both very clear and elegant in its style and convincing in its argumentation.  I am very happy to report that you can now acquire this small booklet, which is now part of a much larger collection that has just recently been published entitled Catholicism Pure and Simple.

This volume is a simple explanation of the faith, but full of fantastic insights.  For example, in the section discussing the rise of the prophetic movement in ancient Israel, Fr. Longenecker writes:

"In the second part of the Old Testament the Jewish
writers begin to speak the language of love. The
prophets were holy men who taught the Jewish people
about God in a vivid and powerful way. In many different
ways the Jewish prophets tell us that God loves
his people.  They say God is like a passionate lover who seeks
and pursues the beloved everywhere. He is a faithful
husband who loves his wife no matter what she does.
The ancient Jewish writers tell us that God is a good
and gentle shepherd. He is a wise and gracious king,
a patient Father, and a long-suffering servant. The
prophets say that he is a faithful God: although we
might turn away from him, he will never turn away
from us."

Beautiful huh?  A number of people who have already reviewed this book point out that it would be a helpful companion for those in R.C.I.A. classes.  While I wholeheartedly agree with that statement, I am planning on giving it to family members for Christmas as way of (re-)evangelizing family members.  We are in the "Year of Faith", a time to rekindle not only our own faith life, but also those around us who may have left the Church.  I think Catholicism Pure and Simple is an excellent tool in doing this!


Christopher W. Speaks said...


I just recently finished Chris Haw's "From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart: Rekindling My Love for Catholicism," another excellent selection for the Year of Faith. I hope to post my review on Amazon sometime soon. Anyone who is familiar with Shane Claiborne, one of the prominent faces of both the so-called "emergent church" movement and "New Monasticism," both North American Protestant grassroots efforts, may be familiar with Chris Haw who toured with Mr. Claiborne four years ago in support of their book, "Jesus for President." As I say in my review: Haw writes as a convinced, faithful, enthusiastic Roman Catholic who intimately comprehends the principles and dynamics that undergirds every mega-church like Willow Creek, reaching across the aisle in order to demonstrate that such non-denominationalism (or even “cross-denominationalism”) is not only an ecclesiological no man’s land but, quite frankly, an epistemological absurdity.

Timothy said...

Yes, I had heard of that book. Oh, if I only had more hours in the day. With that said, I am going to try an pick it up sometime in the new year.

Porn Militia said...

I really like "More Catholicism"