Monday, November 19, 2012

Semi-Regular Weekly Poll

How often do you read your Bible?

  • Daily
  • Few times a week
  • Once a week
  • Couple times a month
  • Once a month
  • Never


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ThisVivian said...

Multiple times a day to a few times a week, depending on how terms are defined, and, let's face it, as much as I rant and rave about the Bible, sometimes I find myself sleeping without having cracked the cover of one.

However, if the Divine Office counts as "reading the Bible", multiple times daily. If quoting the Bible counts as reading it, multiple times daily. (Especially if one quotes it while holding the Bible and riffling through it trying to find the passage one wants to quote, only to find that one has perfectly recited it from memory before one has found the location of it in the book.) If opening the Bible and reading ten verses is reading it, daily.

Whereas, if reading is defined as "indulgenced reading" (for lack of a better term) - that is, thirty minutes or longer of at least semi-attentive reading or at best lectio divina - several times a week at most, to half a dozen times a month at worst.

I fail in this, yes, surprisingly too, for how much I rant and rave about the Bible.

Biblical Catholic said...

I'd say that my goal is daily, and in 2012 I've met that goal about 90% of the time...but if I can't read daily then I try to read at least once a year from cover to cover....if you commit to a reading plan of a half hour a day or so and make the time to do's very easy...