Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lighthouse Bible App

Over the weekend I downloaded the Lighthouse Catholic Media Bible App.  It is fantastic and free!

It comes with:

  • Complete edition of the RSV-CE
  • Amazing audio New Testament from Truth and Life - plus the Gospel of John for FREE!
  • An extra 10 hours of Free audio commentary from Dr. Scott Hahn's St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.
  • Over 50 Lighthouse talks for purchase within the app. Download today and get "The Lamb's Supper" for FREE!

I know that EWTN has a similar app available as well.  (I believe that version comes with the audio to Mark downloaded for free.)  I prefer this edition simply due to the extra St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology audio commentaries.  One of them is a 6 part commentary on the Gospel of John by Dr. Scott Hahn.  Additional talks can be purchased for $1.99-$2.99 per talk, so very reasonable.  My only gripe is that once again this would have been a great opportunity for Ignatius to get involved and allow the RSV-2CE to be the Bible used.  I am happy to have the RSV-CE don't get me wrong, but I prefer the updated Second Edition.  

If you have a smart phone this is something every Catholic should get, along with the iBreviary, iRosary, and Logos Bible apps.  


rolf said...

Unfortunately, I have a dumb phone and and even dumber kindle. I have to get out of the 20th century.

losabio said...

The Hahn Bible study on the Gospel of St. John is tremendous! Dr. Hahn helps to set the scene for some of the big events in the fourth Gospel; by providing cultural context and mini word studies as he goes, it really helped me to start to grasp some of the deeper meanings which might have been obscured by time, language, and cultural differences.

Thanks for the alert on this app! I think audio Bibles are kinda neat.

Biblical Catholic said...

One more mobile app that I excitedly download and then never actually use? Sure, why not! Gotta fill those 32 GB with something I guess.

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing ... have you noticed the comments sections of some of your blog posts are filled with spam, e.g., the post of

Timothy said...

Yes. Some of those posts were before I began moderating comments.

Hans said...

This is great; thanks for informing us! Have you had the issue of needing to "reawaken" your device for the audio to continue? This doesn't seem to play like a podcast or music.

Hans said...

Thanks for sharing! Have you had issues with constantly having to "reawaken" your device every few minutes? It's not being recognized as a podcast or music, so my screen goes into sleep mode and stops the playback.