Monday, November 5, 2012

Logos 5 is Available

Logos 5 is now available! 

From Logos:
Bible study is about connection. The Bible connects us to the very words of God, and to study it is to make connections: between facts and feelings, texts and commentators, hearts and minds, ourselves and God and one another.

Logos Bible Software 5 is a significant update that is all about connection. Logos 5 connects the people, places, things, events, topics, and themes of the Bible with new and expanded databases. It is completely integrated with Faithlife, an online network for connecting your faith community, where you can share biblical insights, maintain a group prayer list, or read the Bible (or any book in your Logos library) in community with others. Logos 5 features new guides and tools for connecting the dots in your Bible study.

Experts have spent more than three years writing, editing, and tagging our unique databases of Bible knowledge. Dozens of books have been thoroughly tagged with special metadata about Bible outlines, preaching themes, historical events and Bible facts. Every original language word in the Bible has been reanalyzed and connected to new databases, while staying connected to modern translations. We have created nearly a million connections between our data elements and Bible verses.

All this connection is toward one end: helping you do more and better Bible study.
And, conveniently, all this connection makes that easier than ever before. In addition to powerful new tools for sermon preparation and topical study, Logos 5 contains many small updates and improvements that streamline your study. Logos 5 quickly becomes a transparent tool that gets all the overhead out of the way, so you can get connected to the Word.


Jason Engel said...

Oh how I wish this were free. I'd be reading forever.

ThisVivian said...

Ditto. When I can afford Logos, and, additionally, afford the often-exorbitant prices of book-modules for it (very few are pira... legally downloadable gratis) when compared to even new hard copies, let alone used ones (discounting the benefit gained by all of the linkages), I'd love to use it non-stop.

Biblical Catholic said...

As much as I would like the software, realistically it is probably really only useful for someone in seminary....or a parish priest...sure, they are great resources, but who has the time for it unless reading scripture and studying theology is the way you make your living?

losabio said...

I think that Logos' $50 Catechism of the Catholic Church collection is a real bargain, and represents a perfect entry point into using Logos. Heck, I paid $10 for the little white hardcover version of the CCC, and $40 bucks for the St. Benedict press red letter D-R.

The CCC purchase price can also be applied towards a bigger bundle at a later date. Between the discount pricing available from human sales reps, and this ability to perpetually upgrade your library, it's possible to build a Logos library bit by bit.

Your library also shows up on the web client and the Android/iOS apps, so you'll have access to your books from anywhere.

ThisVivian said...

"...but who has the time for it unless reading scripture and studying theology is the way you make your living?"

I wouldn't know, as I do. Maybe individuals who live off of investments/capital gains?

Robert said...

Way to overpriced. I do not care for subscription services either. I can use for free. Plus as a Linux user, I can install for FREE. Xiphos, which uses eSword modules. I can also get Kindle edition Bibles pretty cheap now, since it's the holiday season. ESV Study Bible for $9, and Douay Rheims for free. So you can keep your Logos!. There are way better options out there that are FREE, or relatively cheap. And are JUST as good!!. My Rant!