Monday, June 24, 2013

Semi-Regular Weekly Poll

Who is Your Favorite Popular Catholic Author?

  • Scott Hahn
  • Matthew Kelly
  • Amy Welborn
  • Peter Kreeft
  • Mike Aquilina
  • Fr. James Martin
  • Patrick Madrid
  • Ralph Martin
  • George Weigel
  • Fr. Robert Barron
  • Colleen Carroll Campbell
  • Other?


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Javier said...

Can I vote for Etienne Gilson?

Timothy said...

Sure. Consider that your vote! :)

Theophrastus said...

Based on sales, the most popular Catholic author of our era is Joseph Ratzinger. Each of his Jesus books sold in the millions in the US (and Tim featured them in this very blog!)

I'm not sure that the claim is accurate, but some say the second most popular living author writing about Catholicism is Hans Kung.