Sunday, March 13, 2011

NABRE Oxford

It appears that we will not see any of the new Oxford University Press editions of the NABRE until sometime in April.. An exact date in April has yet to be released. In other NABRE news, I hope to be getting a copy of the paperback NABRE by Saint Benedict Press on Monday. I will try and post some pictures as well as some initial thoughts on the translation and edition soon after.

Have a blessed first Sunday in the Holy season of Lent!


rolf said...

On OUP website, it shows a publish date of May 2011 for the large print edition.

Christopher W. Speaks said...

Well, this certainly is good news for SBP as people desiring to get their hands on the text for Lent now have limited options.

Theophrastus said...

I canceled my pre-order with Amazon. By the time the nice editions from Oxford start to come out, there may be even more options on the way (such as the 3rd edition of the Catholic Study Bible).

It is a pity that the release date of the NABRE was not better coordinated with publishers.