Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catholic Bible Poll at 2000!

Which Catholic Bible Translation Do You Use?

Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition 28% (560)
New American Bible
22% (438)
15% (307)
New Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition
15% (303)
Jerusalem Bible
9% (174)
New Jerusalem Bible
8% (166)
Good News Bible
2% (34)
Christian Community Bible
1% (29)

So, what do you think about this non-scientific poll? From my experience, it seems that the precentages are about right. The main "battle" continues to be between the RSV and NAB, with the RSV remaining king of the Catholic Bible poll for almost two years now. However, the most interesting fight is between the Douay-Rheims and the NRSV, each representing 15% of the vote. Who will be third?


mike7up said...

You should do a poll about "Non Catholic Edition" Favorite Translations such as NIV, ESV, etc.

Paolo said...

I think the Douay-Reims will win the fight over NRSV. Its lack of inclusive language means more testoserone per verse when facing off against the NRSV...

Anonymous said...

I really feel that Harper Collins could win with their NRSV Thinline with just a little more work. References, a copy of the lectionary and some color maps should really push this fine bible ahead in sales. I have found that this bible fits nicely in a notebook case and then easily into my purse for church or anywhere. Sharon in Waxahachie

Anonymous said...

Also interesting (at leat to me:

The RSV /NRSV line commands a whopping 43% market share (What would happen if the RSV-2CE stats were included in the line-up?)

And the Jerusalem / New Jerusalem line holds a respectable 17% share, edging out the DR.


rolf said...

I think the RSV-2CE is included in the RSV-CE, at least that is how I voted.

Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to know the reasons why people use a particular translation.

I personally could not say that I choose one translation (and hence have not voted).

I use most my NRSV because it has the best font, most opaque paper, and the right size and weight for reading (don't laugh it's true).

For devotional reading I use the NJB (just a matter of taste).

For study I cannot do without the NAB.

Timothy said...


I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing that part of your decision is based on the font/size of the Bible. For example, in some ways I would probably prefer the RSV-2CE over the NRSV, but the RSV-2CE comes in only one edition which I don't find all that appealing to read from. But again, that is simply my reading preference. The NRSV, which I rate slightly below the RSV-2CE, comes in far more editions and options.

Leland said...

Why do you think that the Jerusalem Bible is not used at a higher frequency? I know many people, particularly priests, who prefer it and use it as their regular daily bible. Although I guess I also know of many people who do not prefer it due to some of the odd renderings. I use it often and compare it to other translations, and although it is not truly literal it is pretty close in most cases (of course there are a few places where it misses the mark). But all in all it seems to be pretty accurate.....what turns people off? Is it truly too loose of a translation? Maybe its use is just misrepresented in this poll?

Timothy said...

I think the Jerusalem Bible was a lot more popular 20-30 years ago. Back then there were fewer Catholic Bibles on the market and it was a radically different reading Bible than the Douay-Rheims. But since then, there has been the NAB, the RSV-CE (more available), NRSV, and NJB.

Plus there are very few editions of the JB in print in the USA. I would guess that the JB/NJB would be much more popular outside the US.

Dina Staggs said...

Very interesting results. They seem very true considering what I've heard from other Catholics.