Saturday, October 6, 2012

Update on Knox Bible

I can confirm, via Baronius, that the Knox Bible will be available in mid-October for purchase and will be in a single-column page layout.

(Thanks to Theophrastus for the link to the picture.)


Theophrastus said...

You can see a photo of the layout here.

That photo appears on this page. If memory serves, the format is similar to the way Knox's Old Testament volumes were first published.

Timothy said...

Ah yes. Looks very readable.

Anonymous said...

Have they shared a price point yet?


Anonymous said...

What a disappointment! A few years ago I bought Knox Version Bible (one volume version, Burns and Oats, 1963). The book is in good shape, but the rear cover hinges are starting to separate. I paid $40 for the book. I was so excited about the Baronius edition...but now I discover it is printed in one column! The version I have is two columns, and I so prefer that version!


Timothy said...


Thanks for your comment. I would imagine that the single-column format will be an attractive selling point for many people. There are so few single-column Catholic bibles on the market.

Jonny said...

I don't have the magazine right in front of me right now, but I believe that it listed for about $64.95 in the latest Leaflet Missal catalog.

I prefer the two-column reference Bible format, but I am glad to see this single column Bible at least has a more aesthetic layout than the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible. I like how the chapters are spaced, and the bold letter beginning the chapter is a nice touch. Also, the verse numbers off to the sides is a good idea. I think that anyone who lamented that the Confraternity Bible translation from the Vulgate was never completed might be sated with this edition of the Knox.

I have an original red hardback edition on loan from my parish library, and I must say that the translation notes throughout are quite interesting. I am looking forward to owning this version as well, athough I will probably use it primarily for comparison (athough that may change when I have my own non-detiorated copy wrapped in leather.)

Jonny said...

Just to confirm: it is listed for $65.00 in Leaflet Missal.

Biblical Catholic said...

Is it only going to be available through Baronius Press website, or are other online retailers, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc, going to get it as well?