Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sunday Knox: Jeremiah 31:7-9

Over the coming weeks, I am going to provide some passages from the Knox Bible in relation to an upcoming reading at Mass, Sunday or Holy Day.  I will place the Knox translation first, followed by the NAB lectionary version (including significant variations found in the NABRE in bold).  This week, I will be picking from the first reading from this Sunday's Mass, coming from the prophet Jeremiah:

“Rejoice, the Lord says, at Jacob’s triumph, the proudest of nations greet with a glad cry; loud echo your songs of praise, Deliverance, Lord, for thy people, for the remnant of Israel! From the north country, from the very ends of earth, I mean to gather them and bring them home; blind men and lame, pregnant women and women brought to bed, so great the muster at their home-coming. Weeping they shall come, and I, moved to pity, will bring them to their journey’s end; from mountain stream to mountain stream I will lead them, by a straight road where there is no stumbling; I, Israel, thy father again, and thou, Ephraim, my first-born son. --Knox

“Thus says the LORD: Shout with joy for Jacob, exult at the head of the nations;
proclaim your praise and say: The LORD has delivered (saved) his people, the remnant of Israel. Behold (Look), I will bring them back from the land of the north; I will gather them from the ends of the world (earth), with the blind and the lame in their midst, the mothers (pregnant women) and those with child (those in labor); they shall return as an immense throng. They departed in tears, but I will console them and guide them; I will lead them to brooks of water (streams of water), on a level road, so that none shall stumble. For I am a father to Israel, Ephraim is my first-born.” 
-- NAB(RE)


Anonymous said...

Many years ago, having heard about Knox's translation, I tracked one down and after reading it for a while, I gave it away.

Personally, I liked the NAB translation the best with the NABRE a close second. Knox's comes in a distant third.


Deep South Reader said...

Tim, what is your email address for contact?

Timothy said...

mccorm45 (at) yahoo dot com

ThisVivian said...

I have to say the NABRE wins this one. I hate to say it.

rolf said...

I agree with the others, that the NAB/RE reads better. The NAB/RE is smoother whereas the Knox translation is very broken and choppy.