Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Knox Bible Arrives

Baronius Press has kindly sent along to me a review copy of their new edition of the Knox Bible.  Without giving too much away before my formal review, I will say it is a high-end Catholic bible, produced by a group of people who clearly wanted to create a beautiful Catholic bible.  It was well worth the wait!

In addition to the Bible, all orders receive a very enlightening collection of essays called On Englishing the Bible by the translator himself.    Trust me, this is not just a throw-in, it is a very witty and honest account by Msgr. Knox about his translation of the Bible.

I hope to have the review up in the next couple of days or by early next week.  I should mention that reader Vincent commented on an early post that the Knox Bible is now available at Bible Gateway.  Included on the Gateway site is an endorsement from the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who says of the Knox Bible:
"Ronald Knox's translation of the Bible remains an exceptional achievement both of scholarship and of literary dedication. Again and again it successfully avoids conventional options and gives the scriptural text a fresh flavour, often with a brilliantly idiosyncratic turn of phrase. It most certainly deserves republication, study and use."

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