Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Upcoming Releases (First Half of 2011)

Here is a short list of some upcoming releases related to Catholic Bibles, study tools, and other books:

Revised Grail Psalms (Already available)

NRSV Catholic Thinline Edition (2/1/11)

NRSV Catholic Gift Bible (black) (2/1/11)

HarperCollins UK NRSV Catholic with Grail Psalms (3/3/11)

NABRE (Multiple publishers and editions) (3/9/11)

HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (revised and updated) (3/8/11)

Jesus of Nazareth: Part II by Benedict XVI (mid-March)

New Collegeville Bible Commentary: NABRE (May)

Little Rock Study Bible: NABRE (June)

Catholic Study Bible: NABRE (Summer)

NABRE Concise Concordance (Summer)

If you see anything missing, which I am sure there are a few, feel free to comment or send me an email. Is anybody aware of anything new coming for the RSV/RSV-2CE or Douay-Rheims?


Darren said...

Re: Douay-Rheims.

Hi, Timothy.

A few of us here in the UK have been looking at various ways of procuring and distributing Catholic Bibles in bulk for some time. We finally decided, in late autumn (that'll be 'fall' to you fellows!), that the only cost efficient way of doing so would be to take the Douay (public domain), update the diction, grammar, and clarify obscure and archaic passages etc, and produce a new D-R version for general (free)distribution in both electronic and printed form. We have a 'New Douay-Rheims Version' project website which is under construction, and will be appealing for help with both working on the text itself, and financial contributions when the time comes to take it to print. We're working on getting official approval and support, and are praying that God will bring our work to fruition. A couple of us began work on the book of Malachi - as a 'test' text to use, in part, as an illustration of what we're doing for the website - in November, which we completed on December 31st.
Depending on how much help we can enlist, we're hoping to have the Gospels finished and ready for distribution by mid 2011, and the whole NT by mid 2012. We should have a much better idea by then of an approximate date for a complete D-R update.

I can email you the completed Malachi text, if you'd like to take a look, and will send you the website details as soon as it's up and running (very soon, hopefully!)

In Domino,

Timothy said...


Thanks for the email. I would defintely be interested in reading about what you all are doing. Perhaps, you could even write up a little blog post (short essay) explaining what your plans are and how you are going about it. If you might be interested in that, please drop me an email:
mccorm45 (at) yahoo (dot) come

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Timothy,

What about Baronius Press' Knox bible? I hope they release it in 2011, soon.

Timothy said...


Yes, I look forward to that Knox edition. I own a couple of original copies, but would like to see what they will do with it now. Perhaps 2011 will be the year it will be released.

Unknown said...

How fortunate of you to own a couple.

I came across one in my local Pastoral Institute's library. I've been wanting to own a copy ever since. It's a really unique translation.