Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NABRE Editions

So, what editions will the NABRE come in? I am going to use this post to add those publishers who will be producing editions of the NABRE sometime this year. I hope to update this as I learn new information. If you see anything, let me know!

Oxford University Press
They will be publishing a number of volumes, beginning with a compact edition of the NABRE in March. The unique thing about this edition is that the notes/commentary will not be on the page with the Sacred Text, but at the back of each book. They did a similar thing with the current NAB Readers edition. Also, the Catholic Study Bible and Personal Study Edition will be published with the NABRE in July. They will come in hardcover, paperback, and bonded leather. A large print edition of the NABRE is also scheduled for publication. Finally, there will be a Concise Concordance keyed to the NABRE to be published in July.

Liturgical Press
Liturgical Press will be publishing the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible this coming June. Those of you who read this blog are already aware of the Four Gospels edition which came out last year. At this time, it will only be released in hardcover and softcover editions, although I was told by a Liturgical Press representative that a leather cover edition would be possible in the future if there is interest.

Fireside Catholic Publishing
Although not listed, I have talked with a representative from Fireside who told me that the NABRE would be available in their Youth and Religion Class Bibles very soon.

Our Sunday Visitor
Thanks to a readers tip, it appears Our Sunday Visitor will publish their popular The New Catholic Answer Bible with the NABRE at sometime in 2011.

Saint Benedict Press
Thanks to a comment by Lauren at Saint Benedict Press, we know that "Saint Benedict Press will publish the NABRE in multiple editions and formats, beginning in March with a Value edition for the school and parish market, in one or more beautiful covers. Also in March Saint Benedict Press will publish Hardcover and Premium Ultrasoft editions of the NABRE. Later in 2011 will come a larger Easy Read edition, a compact New Testament and Psalms, and one or more study or devotional editions yet to be announced." Very cool!


rolf said...

I think that 'The Little Rock Catholic Study Bible' sounds interesting, I would be interested in something like that for my Bible study class. Timothy, do you know if this is the first year they are offering this Bible or was it published in the past in the current NAB translation?

Timothy said...


I am pretty sure that this is a new thing. If you follow this link, it will show you the Four Gospel edition with sample pages:

Unknown said...


THe Little Rock Scripture Study Bible is brand new and no older NAB editions exist.

Joe Riley, Sales Director
Liturgical Press

Mark D. said...

Any idea if Catholic Bible publishers plans to issue a St. Joseph edition of the NABRE?

Timothy said...


I contacted them to see if they were, but have yet to get a response back.

Diakonos said...

I just read somehwere that OSV is planning on having their New Catholic Answer Bible (with all the color apologetics inserts) in the NABRE, available in 2011 (not date given)and no real inforamtion about it as it just shows up in their catalog item listing:


Timothy said...


Thanks for the tip.

Timothy said...


I really enjoy the layout of your Little Rock Study Bible. The one column setting, along with lush pictures and other information, really enhance the NABRE text and notes. I look forward to getting the whole study Bible this summer.

Christopher W. Speaks said...

Where can we see the layout of the LRSB? Is there anyplace online?

I'll be interested to see what updates, if any, Oxford plans on making to the Catholic Study Bible. I somewhat imagine we'll be presented with the same layout, commentaries, notes and essays as in the Second Edition. It seems to logically follow considering that Oxford is giving the same treatment to the zippered compacts.

Timothy said...


I think you are right about the Oxford editions.

As for the LRSB, check out the sample pages for the Four Gospels LRSB: http://www.litpress.org/Detail.aspx?ISBN=9780814636312

Lauren Rupar said...

Dear Readers,

Saint Benedict Press will publish the NABRE in multiple editions and formats, beginning in March with a Value edition for the school and parish market, in one or more beautiful covers. Also in March Saint Benedict Press will publish Hardcover and Premium Ultrasoft editions of the NABRE. Later in 2011 will come a larger Easy Read edition, a compact New Testament and Psalms, and one or more study or devotional editions yet to be announced. Stay tuned!

::in HIM::
Lauren A. Rupar
Saint Benedict Press, LLC

Christopher W. Speaks said...

That's good news about St. Benedict's Press, for sure. I look forward to see their line-up. The Ultrasoft Bibles are a real treat to hold in one's hand.

I would love to see some genuine leather releases by any publisher. I imagine that will get relegated to the latter half of 2011, though.

Timothy said...


Yes, that Ultrasoft version may be the first NABRE I purchase.

Mark D. said...

I am very pleased to hear about the LRSB -- I like the edition of the Gospels very much, and if the entire Bible is produced with such helps, it will be a very formidable study edition. I am also pleased to hear about the St. Benedict Press editions. I am for the most part very impressed with the SBP editions of the various Catholic translations. I could definitely see pairing a complete RSV or NRSV study Bible with an SBP edition of the NABRE, or pairing the LRSB with the NABRE with one of the RSVCE editions from SBP.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tim,

Can you post a review of The New Catholic Answer Bible- Librosario NABRE? I believe it is already available at amazon.com. It comes in either burgundy or black-tan "leather" covers.


What I like about it is that it appeared to be large print. Unfortunately, there is no review for it yet at amazon.

Another thing. Who publishes that bible? FIreside or Our Sunday Visitor- not that it matters but I just want to get the right information since earlier in this blog someone mentioned it to be published by OSV.

Thanks and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Do you know if the nabre catholic study bible (oxford) out in july will have a concordance in it? It is not mentioned in any description of it. The previous second edition does have it. I hope it does because I'm so tired of catholic study bible shopping. It was much easier when I was protestant. ;)

Timothy said...


I will try to find out, but I would be totally shocked if it wasn't. Almost every study Bible from Oxford these days comes with one.

Element 79 said...

Please consider adding to the list the Kindle version of the NABRE, which features an excellent formatting true to the paper editions and multiple navigation aids, which allow opening any verse in the Bible in seconds (as explained in detail in the book itself). We believe the Kindle conversion of this Bible is the best on the Kindle platform. The edition has received the approval from the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. See http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006298622

Timothy said...


Why don't you send me an email, perhaps we could work out a little interview-style post which would promote your work. My email: mccorm45 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Adam said...


Since it is related to this post I thought I would post a comment I sent to the USCCB via their website. It is in regards to the e-reader version of the NABRE. It reads as follows:

To Whom It May Concern,

I recently purchased a copy of the NABRE on the Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader device. As statistics are showing, more and more people are reading via electronic devices, and because of this I thought it was important to raise my concerns about the NABRE e-reader edition. As a lay minister, currently to undergraduate college students in the Roman Catholic church, I am very interested in the use of technology to reach our students. While personally I prefer to read the scriptures using a traditional printed book I decided to experience it in the e-reader formant, and immediately I was troubled. Though neither of these concerns are of grave significance I do believe they are important, because they may impact one's experience and understanding of the holy scriptures.

My two basic concerns are as follows:
(1) The exegetical notes and cross-references are placed at the end of each chapter rather than at the end of each biblical book. In the very least this creates a very choppy reading experience, but my concerns go further. Because of the placement of the notes the books of the bible do not read as unified entities, but as segregated pieces (The worst example of this is the ending of Genesis 7 and beginning of Gen. 8 which is actually the same sentence). Placing the notes between the chapters gives too much emphasis to the division of the text (the current chapter verse system being a much later creation) rather than their inherent unity.

(2) In the e-reader edition, the headings of sections are not placed in bold nor are they separated from the biblical text. Even for someone like myself who is familiar with the biblical text, it can be hard to differentiate the two. My fear is that this could lead the less educated reader to assume these heading are a part of the actual text, which would be most unfortunate.

Thank you for listening to my concerns.



Timothy said...


You might get a better response by contacting the various NABRE publishers, since the NABRE actually does not publish it. Also, perhaps try the NABRE Facebook site.

Unknown said...

I have the St. Benedict NABRE and I really like it....especially the Words of Christ in Red...I know some people have problems with this because the Protestants have this in their bibles but I find it useful since it is easier to remember Jesus's words...and St. Joseph does print a NABRE edition....as for the St. Benedict NABRE wished I would have gotten the hardcover but the paperback edition seems fairly good.

hoshie said...


The American Bible Society is publishing the NABRE as well. The whole Bible and the NT and Psalms & Proverbs is available in paperback and hardcover versions. They seem to be the cheapest of all the dead tree NABREs.

Timothy said...


Yes, indeed they are. I have even reviewed one of their editions: http://catholicbibles.blogspot.com/2012/01/review-abs-nabre.html?m=1