Thursday, October 7, 2010

Swedish Catholic Bible?

I received an email from an American reader who is looking to find a leather bound Swedish language Catholic Bible for her exchange student. I know that there have been a few people from Sweden who have stopped by this blog in the past, so I throw this question out to you or anyone else who may be able to help. If you can provide any helpful information or links in the comment box, that would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Check out It has a Swedish translation of The Good News Bible CE but the price is really high.

Paolo said...

Maybe try IKEA?

Anonymous said...

I've tried for about two hours now to find a Swedish translation of the Catholic Bible and you wouldn't believe how hard it is when you don't speak Swedish. Even after all that searching i couldn't find one not even a Protestant on for sale online. So i turned to Ebay and this is the best looking Swedish Protestant bible i found, but it is a little old and pricey.

Anonymous said...

Sorry i forgot this other one i found.

Timothy said...


Thanks for the input!

Anonymous said...


The Catholic church in Sweden recommends the Bible 2000, as it is called. Unfortunately it is an ecumenical translation, but with Catholics present in the translation group.
The new Missal is based on Bible 2000, for example.

Just see to it that you get the version with the deuterocanonical books/apocrypha in it.

I will check if I can find one in leather. But, not so sure about that. Will try to get back to you in a day or two.

Tobias J.

Anonymous said...

I would not recommend an old bible version in Swedish. The language has changed a lot more than English. Even the old official translation from 1917 is very hard to read for the average person. Many of the words are not used any more, and even sounds strange and old for those who like it (as I do).
Actually some people want to update the Bibel 2000(NT), because that translation work was started in 1973, NT was finished in 1981 ( OT in 1999), and may sound old in contemporary swedish.

For those who are interested I would say it is a translation in the same style as NEB, REB and even has a lot of places that compares very good with the Jerusalem Bible.
At least that is my understanding.

Pax Tobias J.

Timothy said...

Thanks Tobias!