Thursday, October 14, 2010

CS Lewis Bible

As mentioned a few months ago, HarperOne will be publishing The C.S. Lewis Bible in November. Containing the NRSV, apparently without Apocrypha/Deuterocanonicals, this Bible comes in a hardcover, as well as two bonded leather editions. You can now view some excerpts from it here.

More features:

* Over 600 Scripture-linked devotional readings from * Lewis's spiritual classics, essays, and correspondence
*Introductory essays on Lewis's view of Scripture and his journey of faith
*Indexes to guide you to each reading from C. S. Lewis
*Double-column format
*Presentation page
*Ribbon marker
* Gilded page edges

Does anybody think a Bible like this is necessary? Would you buy it?


Diakonos said...

Interesting that an edition of the Bible dedicated to C.S. Lewis would be missing the Deuterocanonicals. Seems to be he would have wanted them included, don't you think?

Ted said...

I probably wouldn't buy it, just because I don't like niche bibles. But at least it seems to have a nice layout - double columns are not too narrow and no excessive use of the brown colored ink (also glad to see that it's not red letter).

rolf said...

I agree with Diakonos' statement about the lack of the Deuterocanonical books. I like C.S. Lewis very much but I don't need to have him on every other page in my Bible.

Timothy said...

Maybe Ignatius Preas could produce the GK Chesterton Bible? ;)

rolf said...

Speaking of Ignatius, the Book of Genesis (Ignatius Catholic Study Bible) is available for pre-order at Amazon.

jogomu said...

When I was an Evangelical C.S. Lewis was my primary link to history and philosophy in an otherwise "disconnected" Christian subculture. I half-seriously once considered that if Scripture is to be recognized solely by internal promptings, then books such as "The Great Divorce" should be added to my personal canon.

Now it looks as if someone has gone and done just that?!

Anonymous said...

Have to answer no and no. Especially since it does not include the entire Catholic canon. Sharon in Waxahachie.

Porn Militia said...

I have and love this Bible. However, I do with that it had the full cannon. I love the font and “Narina” type decorative headings etc. I have thought of getting it rebound with the Deuterocanonicals in the back (if that’s possible)- I know the ESV apocrypha has the same measurements….I guess it couldn’t hurt to get a quote and see if it’s even possible to make a cut and paste Frankenstein binding. That’s just how much I like Lewis I suppose and it would be my primary Bible if it were complete.
I often wonder why the same concept could not been done with Fulton Sheen’s ‘Life of Christ’. That would make beautiful Bible commentary with the Knox translation or any for that matter.