Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NRSV Thinline

A review of this fine product will be forthcoming. Needless to say, I have been a bit busy over the past few days. I actually received the HarperOne NRSV Thinline w/Apocrypha on the day we headed to the hospital. So, enjoy one of the photos that I took of it today on my I-Phone. More to come....


Tim B. said...

I preordered this bible because of an earlier post you had about this bible. I have to say, I am liking the silver gilting and the silver embossing on the spine. The font is very legible as well.

It wasn't as small as I had wished though. Have you tried the compact version yet?

Matt said...

I saw this in the store...and wasn't that impressed with that particular copy. Maybe it was a store-dud though.

I look forward to your comments!

Geezer said...

Where do you guys put all these Bibles? Don't your wives express some degree of enduring displeasure as the bookcase...corner...closet
room....floor fill and overflow?

I'm glad you do it. I have books, too. Not like Carl Olsen or you, but books. You know, the geeky ambiance of a couple of hundred, but you guys must be in a Bible Geeks paradise.
How do you stay out of serious grief.

You guys are bold. Hang in there. You are a good model for your elders.

Timothy said...

Tim B,

Yes I do own and have reviewed the thinline compact you mentioned:

Timothy said...


I can always make room! ;)

Tim B. said...


Have you seen the picture that Timothy posted with a bunch of bibles on 1 shelf? The shelf was bending under the weight!!


Thanks for the link. I only started reading your blog back in July so I missed some of your older posts. Please let us know how this new one compares to the old compact version.