Thursday, October 7, 2010

CSSI Bible due mid-November

After contacting the publisher, I was told that the new Catholic Scripture Study International Bible is due to be released in mid to late November. I also asked if there would be cross-references included, but the person I talked with was unsure of the answer. I would hope so, since I am not sure that I would be willing to dish out over $50.oo on a study Bible without cross-references. Seems kind of silly to do so.
As a reminder, this study Bible includes:
This high-quality RSV-CE Bible seamlessly integrates Sacred Scripture with extensive study materials and reference guides. Includes 76 full color pages, Holy Land maps marked with significant events and places, and extensive biblical apologetics and topical indexes, all beautifully bound in our Classic Black Bonded Leather with multiple ribbon markers, gold edges and beautiful foil stamped cover.


Diakonos said...

While I am absolutely elated that another theologically solid Catholic STUDY Bible is hitting the market, 2 things disappoint me at this time about the CSSIB:

1. That it is RSV-CE and not the RSV-CE2 (if you are going to use any RSV-CE version why not the most recent?)
2. The cover (if what you picture here IS the final cover). Did Ignatius and CSSI get together to design the most unappealing covers for Catholic Study Bibles?

I also agree that without cross references I would also hesitate to purchase this edition. But its STILL good news for the Catholic scriputre market.

Anonymous said...

Diakonos, the CSSIB is from St Benedict Press, not Ignatius Press, so the RSV-2CE cannot be used, and Ignatis had no input to the cover design.

Lee said...

I contacted the publisher and the customer service representative did a great job and quickly got back to me after some research. She informed me that this printing would not have cross-references, but the next one would. I guess the issue with this and other RSV's from SBP is that the cross-references had not been fully digitized by the owner of the copyright at the time SBP purchased the text. Thus, it would appear that any future editions of the RSV from SBP will have cross-refs.

Keith said...

Timothy...are you finding this for $50 some where? I've only been able to find it for the $70. I asked if a more "affordable" version was coming out (ie softcover, flex cover, etc. ) no plans for that they said.


Timothy said...


That is interesting information. My question would be then why even put out the first edition without cross-references? They are pretty essential for any legitimate study Bible.

Timothy said...


You know what, I saw an early promotional flyer for it which had a pre-order special price somewhere in the $50.00 range. Also, I would imagine that it would be a bit cheaper if it is ever listed on

Diakonos said...

No cross references? I'll wait for the second edition with them. Also, from what I have seen this edition doesn't seem all that different from The New Catholic Answer Bible which has something like 88 full color Biblical Apologetic inserts, a full lectionary guide, and a guide to the Celebration of the Eucharist. It is also available in leather binding as well as hardcover and paperback, most current NAB translation.

Keith said...

@Diakonas I was thinking the same thing about the CSS Bible and the Catholic Answers Bible. Both seem to be utilizing inserts to get the extra material out there instead of working with in-text supplements. I really like the way St. Mary's Press publishes their bibles with a combination of inserts and in-text extras (see the Youth Bible and the Family Connection Bible). The Ignatius NT Study Bible does it the right way too. I like the Catholic Answers Bible and will be interested to see what the CSS Bible looks like.

Anonymous said...

If you register at then go to 'store' you can purchase it for $59.99.