Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Question from a Reader

I found your blog by accident while searching for something on Google. Well, maybe it wasn't an accident. I read that you were a theology teacher and I was hoping you could help me figure something out. I'm Catholic and I wanted to draw something for my dear friend and her family. I became a little obsessed with Psalm 127:4: "Like arrows in the hand of the warrior are the children born in one's youth." I like to be accurate in everything I do. When I started researching what authentic arrows looked like, many different types came up on google. So I started thinking, well, what warriors was Psalm 127:4 referring to?? I want to draw the correct arrows! Lol. Would you happen to know the answer? What time and place in history are these warriors from? I hope to hear back! Thank you and God bless!


Jason P said...

Ask and it shall be given to you

Here is a picture of what the Psalmist would have had in mind


And heres a link with lots of great info


God bless

Timothy said...

Excellent Jason!