Thursday, May 8, 2014

Verbum Easter Giveaway

The fine folks at Verbum are having an Easter giveaway.  The winner will receive a brand new MacBook Air with Verbum Capstone software.  To enter, you can follow the link here.  

Verbum was created in order to empower Catholics to study Scripture and understand Church Tradition. With over 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide, Verbum meets a need for Catholic digital resources that equip and connect the faithful, regardless of vocation or location. We’re passionate about fulfilling the call to a “New Evangelization” by providing the best digital resources to help Catholics better understand and communicate the Faith.
Verbum began in 2011 as the Catholic division of Logos Bible Software. Founded in 1992, Logos has grown from a couple of programmers in a basement into the largest developer of Bible study software and a worldwide leader in multilingual electronic publishing. Logos now partners with over 150 publishers to make tens of thousands of digital Bible study resources available to customers around the world. Our technology is used in more than 210 countries in a dozen languages.
Like Logos’ other brands and products, Verbum connects Christians from all walks of life. From Vyrso (a Christian ebook store and ereader app) to (a social network that connects Christians from all over the world), the Logos family seeks to grow and enhance all aspects of the Christian life.
As Verbum continues to grow, our goal is not only to create the best Catholic study tools available, but to serve the Church by making Scripture and Tradition more accessible all over the globe.
Verbum is headquartered in the friendly city of Bellingham, Washington, USA.


Unknown said...

Hmm... Verbum software for me... MacBook Air for the Misses... guess I better enter.

ChrisR said...

Tim, thank you for this wonderful blog. Verbum's Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition contains a book in the Old Testament called "Song of Three Youths." I am not a student of the books of the bible, but this is the first time I have see this book. Can you shed some light on the "Song of Three Youths' and why Verbum has it in the edition I downloaded to my phone? Thank you.

Timothy said...

My guess is that is the prayer of the three youths in Daniel 3. The Greek contains the long prayer, while the MT does not.