Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Live NRSV Catholic Youth Bible

On sale this coming August 28th, HarperOne will be publishing it's own Catholic youth Bible. Perhaps trying to cut into the St. Mary's Press Catholic Youth Bible market, the Live Youth Bible: Catholic Edition tries to blend a number of unique features, that are found in similar youth Bibles produced for Protestant youth:

Most youth Bibles are just teen versions of adult Bibles. LIVE takes an all-new, teen-centered approach. Art, photos, and other creative forms of self-expression by teens for teens, are packed into this Bible as a launching point to drive teens into the Bible.

The LIVE Bible includes:
- Student art, photography and poetry, an interactive tie-in Web site, challenging sidebars that encourage teens to think deeper about scripture while sparking creativity, "Try This" features that encourage teens to live out their faith, and quotes and profiles of famous people of faith.

- Creative space to express their thoughts, feelings, or questions by writing right on the pages, with room to doodle, paste pictures, and more

- An invitation to join the community online where they can post their art, writing, and insights into how God is working in their lives.

- Two-color interior

- New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Catholic Edition text

- Imprimatur

Without actually seeing this, I do appreciate the publishers goal of getting Catholic teens more engaged with the text itself, through the encouragement of writing in the text. I know when I started to read the Bible regularly that was something I was a bit hesitant to do. But now, either at the high school or leading adult Bible studies, I always encourage people to engage the text in that way. So, I am very interested in seeing how this product works. I also like the fact that there is an online component to this youth Bible. I think trying to combine the reading of Scripture with the digital age is an ongoing work in progress. All in all, I find this edition very intriguing and look forward to being able to hold one in my hands.


Anonymous said...

Timothy & Readers:

A 19 year old neighbor approached
me with questions about religion.
He seems interested in Christianity
and his heritage a generation back
is mostly Catholic. He is looking for answers. Over time I plan to discuss apologetics and philosophy
with him. Eventually I plan to purchase a bible for young adults
for him. In the mean time can anyone recommend a Catholic New
Testament that has notes which
help point to the existence of God and ultimately to the Divinity of Christ? He comes from a family that
has drifted. His mother is heavily
involved in the occult but he has gained an appreciation of spiritual order and authority. He is seeking and looking to be right
with God and to get his life in proper order. He has had no catechesis in Christinity. Can anyone recommend a good Catholic NT or other reading materials for
me to help him? Any suggestions
are appreciated.

---Thanks & Happy Fourth of July to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

I used the Catholic Answers Bible from Fireside Pulishers last year in our RCIA class. I found it to be most helpful in my journey. They also have an online study guide to go with it.

Christopher W. Speaks said...

The interactive tie-in Web site is a great selling point, and indeed I agree that the digital age demands such resources if youth are to maintain any long-term interest in reading the Bible, but I'm already skeptical. Why? Because so often the material presented is underwhelming, mildly entertaining (with little sustainibility), and often not worth looking at twice. Before long the publishers quit updating the Web site because no one is visiting. Maybe I'm wrong - but I doubt it because I've fallen for that line myself too many times.

Timothy said...


I think the suggestion of the New Catholic Answer Bible is a good one:

You would need to go over with him a bit, particularly where it refers to the Catechism. Perhaps you could get him one of those compact, editions of the Catechism to go along with it:

Also, I am a big supporter of Renewal Ministries, which is a Catholic evangelization organization in Ann Arbor, MI. There are some fine videos and mp3's on their site, as well as some great book and pamphlet resources that might help:

Timothy said...


Yeah, they need to make sure that the website is both fresh and continually updated. This can't mean that you only update the new products you are selling either, but the content which needs to be YouTube quality and engaging. One of the Catholic sites that I think does a great job is Lifeteen:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sharon and Timothy for your suggestions. I checked out
the reviews and descriptions of the New Catholic Answers Bible
on Amazon. I'll be getting my
neighbor, myself and at least
one young adult member of my
family a copy. I also plan to
get a copy of the new Catholic apologetics Bible being published in conjunction with St. Benedict's
Press for myself when it comes out
this August.--Thanks again for the

Anonymous said...

Anon. and Timothy. Check out the web address below. It is Fireside's study guide for their Catholic Answers Bible. They have posted it online.