Thursday, June 17, 2010


FYI: If you have yet to purchase the new Ignatius study Bible, all three formats are on sale at for 20% off the list price.


Theophrastus said...

Does anyone have experience with the Kindle version of this? I am seriously considering buying it.

Theophrastus said...

OK, let me answer my own question. I tossed out $10 bucks on a hunch and got the Kindle version -- and let me say that by far it is the nicest Kindle implementation I have seen of a study Bible to date. If anyone is interested, I'll post some more comments -- but for now, let me say that I may like the Kindle version more than I like paper version.

Timothy said...


Please do add some comments on the kindle version. Perhaps, if you don't mind, I could make it into a general post/ guest review.

Kenneth Massey said...

I just got the e book downnload, managed to install on my Ipod touch as this is my first book. Due to screen size I think it will be better on Ipad. However this means I have a pockect sized New Testament,ICSB that will very handy indeed.

Theophrastus said...

Tim --

If I get a chance this weekend, I'll take a lot of screenshots and write a review, and if you wish, you can post it. I'm not going to focus on the content of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible as much as how the Kindle version makes that content easily accessible in a portable environment.

Timothy said...


That would be great. My email is mccorm45 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Diakonos said...

Got my leather ICSBNT and have mixed feelings about it. YES it feels GREAT, nice softish leather, lies open very nicely; the font is perfect and the paper quality excellent for notes. On the INSIDE I think the ICSBNT is outstanding.

So what's the problem? Ok this is minor to most I guess but it's the OUTSIDE, more specifically, the cover...UGLY, GAUDY...detracts from what could be an elegant book. The quality of the cover images are not very good and at a glance looks like a cheap impression that did not make good contact to leave details on the cover.

IGNATIUS PRESS: less is more, simple is elegant. A nice "IB" logo or a simple golden cross or ancient Christian symbol would suffice for the next edition. IF you still want to Byzantine type (now standard) cover maybe it could be made smaller and be embossed without the gold or perhaps use only the central medallion of Christ the Teacher?

Timothy said...


Thanks for the update. I am with you, in that, I would like to see a clean cover for these Bibles. One of my worries with the cover on the study Bible, as well as the standard RSV-2CE, is that it will begin to fade. After picking up, recently another RSV-2CE leather edition, I notice that the cover image is beginning to deteriorate a bit. Like I mentioned in that review, I like what they have done to these new editions, but I am not sold on the cover.

Terri L. Coons said...

Timothy / Theophrastus:

I, too, purchased the ICSBNT for Kindle and was very disappointed with trying to use it on the Kindle device with its clunky 5-way controller knob. However, I have had a great experience with accessing it on the PC version of the Kindle where I can simply (and *quickly*) mouse-click over to the notes and further reference scriptures and right back to where I was originally reading. Whereas, I found trying to navigate my way around a study bible on the actual Kindle device to be a miserable experience.

My current disappointment rests with the lack of a proper bible concordance in the Kindle version. The publisher assures me that (though it was advertised to be included) it was an intentional omission due to the existence of the Kindle search function. However, two points: the PC version of the Kindle does not yet have a search function and the search function on the Kindle device results in nothing approaching the usefulness of a proper bible concordance. In other words, you do not get chapter and verse references (e.g. Mk 7:13) but, instead, clunky links that lead to unidentified places in the text. Try it, you'll see what I mean.

Anyway, I'm emailing back and forth with the publisher trying to convince them that they have omitted a valuable piece of study reference material which, by the way, they had advertised as having included.

Also, it irks me that I have to explain this to the publisher of a study bible ... shouldn't they already know? Until I had 'encouraged' Ignatius Press to investigate whether or not their own Kindle version of the ICSBNT contained the concordance, they maintained the position that the omission must have been on Amazon's end (I purchased from After this customer service experience, I'm not sure that I would *want* to order directly from Ignatius Press.

If the concordance is eventually included, I could conclude that using the ICSBNT on the PC version of Kindle would even be *preferrable* to using the physical version of the book due to the ease and swiftness of being able to navigate from text to notes to reference scriptures and back. Not to mention the saving of storage space for a tome that sizable.

Just thought I'd follow up on this previous line of discussion.

Timothy said...

Thanks or the update Terri!

Anonymous said...


I have the NAB, I have the NRSV, and I have the NJB (study edition). As you know both the NAB and NJB have extensive study comments.

In what way is the ICSBNT superior to these two? I am more interested in its superiority in relation to study notes and introductions, not in relation to the RSV text vs NAB text vs NJB text.

I would appreciate if any of you could give me 1 or 2 specific examples where the notes in the ICSNBT are worth having this in my library.

(Please note I want to purchase my own copy, but I already have too many books! Some helpful justification would help)