Wednesday, December 16, 2009

As reported earlier this year, The Catholic Faith & Family Bible will be released in early January 2010. It utilizes the NRSV-CE translation and is now available for pre-order at the HarperCollins website. For those interested, you can stop by the Center for Ministry Development website for more info on this new Bible edition. The site includes sample pages and additional material to use with the Bible. As of now, The Catholic Faith & Family Bible comes in paperback and hardcover editions.
Here is a little more info on this Bible, from the HarperCollins website:
Newly available from Our Sunday Visitor and the Center for Ministry Development comes The Catholic Faith and Family Bible. Never before has a study Bible been designed specifically for Catholic families; this version includes introductions to each book of the Bible written specifically for Catholic families, including helpful tips for parents; over 1,000 notes and reflection lines to help families apply Scripture to daily living; an index to guide families to important parts of the Bible that offer especial connection to the Catholic faith; and the NRSV Catholic Edition text approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. A Bible unlike any other, The Catholic Faith and Family Bible offers encouragement and inspiration for Catholic families in every aspect of their lives.
There is a growing desire among Catholics to read the Bible and to find inspiration and wisdom for their daily lives. Yet there is no Bible that brings Catholic families and the Bible together. Developed in partnership with the Center for Ministry Development and Our Sunday Visitor, recognized leaders in Catholic youth and family ministry, The Catholic Faith and Family Bible is designed to make the Bible easier to read and understand for the everyday Catholic family, helping parents and children grow in faith together. This message is brought to life through more than a thousand notes and articles such as:
Act On It!—encourages families to engage in something active that the biblical passage may inspire, such as works of mercy and justice.
Make the Connection—offers important facts about the Bible and shows how the Bible is relevant to Catholic family life today.
Meet the People—introduces the main characters of the Bible.
Pray the Word—offers simple prayers for the family to pray together.
Take It to Heart—invites families to reflect on a biblical passage and discover God's message for their lives.
Additional features include book introductions, helpful articles and Bible reading plans for the family, parenting tips on how to share scripture with children, cultural and ethnic perspectives on the Catholic faith, inspiring articles written specifically for Catholic teens, and a topical index to help families connect their faith to everyday events.
The Catholic Faith and Family Bible is sure to become a welcome part of your family life and a cherished keepsake for years to come.
The New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Catholic Edition is fully approved for study by Catholics by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and is recognized in scholarly circles as the most accurate translation to English from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. In the tradition of its predecessors, the King James Version and the Revised Standard Version, the NRSV was designed to be the standard version for English-speaking people across all denominations. The NRSV is the most trusted, most accepted, and most accurate English translation of the Bible available today.


Daesy71 said...

The font size wasn't mentioned, so, I sent an e-mail asking if this Bible has a good size print. Does anyone know the font size?

Ann (Canada)

Qohelet said...

NRSV-CE? The reading level is much too high for a family bible. Personally, I'd go for the GNB or CCB.

Jonathan said...

Timothy, what do you think of the Harper Bibles NRSV XL Catholic Large Print Edition (green)? It has an interesting square shape, and the font is nice and big.