Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Catholic Bible Concordance RSV-CE

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that The Catholic Bible Concordance RSV-CE, with foreword by Scott Hahn, has been released and is available for purchase. This edition is published by Emmaus Road Publishing.

Below is a brief description:

The first and only concordance for the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSV-CE) of the Bible. This exhaustive reference tool contains over 15,000 words and 300,000 entries, and has listings for both the first and second editions of the RSV-CE. As easy to use as a dictionary, keywords and passages makes Scripture accessible to people of all walks of life. Durable bound hardcover.

The Emmaus Road site also has a nice interview posted with the concordance compiler Christopher Lyons, which you can read here.


rolf said...

I purchased a copy of this and it is pretty complete, totaling 2173 pages. It also has an appendix that shows the revisions to the RSV-2CE (which totals 26 pages). What is nice about the appendix is you can use it to see where many of the revisions from the RSV-CE to the RSV-2CE were made. Another feature is it shows how mny times a word is used in the RSV, so you don't have to add up all the entries. If you are an RSV fan, I recommend it.

Timothy said...


Thanks for the update. I already own a exhaustive concordance to the RSV, so I wasn't planning on getting this new edition. However, with the revision information in the appendix, I may be "forced" to get it. Hmm...

Unknown said...

Timothy, do you have info on this? Are they still printing no it? I have been looking everywhere for it with no luck.

Timothy said...


It looks like it went out of print. That is a shame. The used market would be my only suggestion, but you need to be careful there. The first edition was missing a section, most notably any entries for "Jesus" so you want the second printing. I'll keep an eye out.

Unknown said...

I got one!!


Thanks for your help! You may have saved me getting a bad one!