Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Catholic Faith and Family Bible and Online Resources

As mentioned back in August, The Center for Ministry Development, with Our Sunday Visitor and HarperCollins, will be releasing a new Bible using the NRSV-CE. It is called The Catholic Faith and Family Bible. Thankfully, they have set-up a website for this project, which includes not only sample pages, but also resources for Catholic educators. Also, at some point soon, they will be providing resources which can be utilized by parents and families.
I bring all this up in order to commend The Center for Ministry Development for providing a website that includes resources that serve as a companion piece to their upcoming Bible release. Other translations, like the NLT or ESV, have been released with even more resources for Bible readers to utilize. I would certainly like to see this continued in future Catholic Bible releases, particularly with the upcoming revision of the NAB.
The Catholic Faith and Family Bible is due to be published in January 2010.


Daesy71 said...

I wonder what size print The Catholic Faith and Family Bible will be? That info doesn't seem to be out yet.
Ann (Canada)

Timothy said...


Hopefully that information will be available before the publication date. Overall, it looks like a nice family Bible, that might actually encourage people to use it! :)