Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 Random Beliefs Meme

I was tagged by Kevin, so here are my 10 Random Beliefs:

1) I believe in all that is contained in the Apostles and Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creeds.

2) I believe that predicting when the Second Advent will occur is futile and against the teachings of Scripture.

3) I believe that we will have an African Pope in my lifetime.

4) I believe that Pope Benedict XVI is a more intelligible and engaging writer than John Paul II, even though I credit John Paul II with my whole returning to Christ and current ministry work.

5) I believe that U2 is the greatest Rock n' Roll band ever.

6) I believe that the Detroit Lions will never win the SuperBowl.

7) I believe that within the next five years I will be driving a fuel-efficient/hybrid automobile. (That all depends on the price of the car!)

8) I believe that the History Channel doesn't actually show history programs anymore, unless you really are in to the occult lifestyle of Hitler, Nostradamus, Aliens, Logging, and Bigfoot.

9) I believe that my recent purchase of an I-Phone will be a great help to me, however I need to make sure it doesn't turn into an idol.

10) I believe that married life is a wonderful thing!

I tag: Jeff, Missy Francis, Rakhi, Erin


Esteban Vázquez said...

Re: #1, wait: do you believe in all that is contained in them, or do you believe it? ;-)

Re: #5, I regret to learn that you are a damnable Bonolater. Hopefully you have never participated in a U2charist...

Daesy71 said...

Timothy, I love your Bible blog. I am always looking for "the new Catholic Bible" that I will truly love. Your site is the first thing I check on the internet each day...checking for what is new and that you have reviewed. Thank you so much for all your reviews and observations. Ann (Canada)

Timothy said...


Thank you for the kind words! I always appreciate hearing from my readers. And know that like you, I am still searching/waiting for that Catholic Bible edition that I will truly love as well. When I find it, I will certainly blog about it!

Timothy said...


Thankfully, it started in the US Episcopal Church and not in the Catholic Church. Phew!

Kevin Sam said...

I believe that married life is a wonderful thing!

I'm sure glad you do Tim. ;) It's great.