Saturday, October 4, 2008

All Wait in Great Expectation for........

Well, maybe not that much!

Today, October 4th, is the Feast of St. Francis, truly one of the greatest followers of Christ. I bring him up because one of his most well-known prayers, Canticle of the Creatures, is the first page of the new HarperCollins Green Bible. While St. Francis was certainly one who loved God's creation, he was more than just the guy who liked to play with birds. In particular, he loving preached the Gospel in word and deed, was devoted to the Church, and lived a life in deep solidarity with the poor. He also preached to the Sultan of Egypt in 1219. He was a remarkable man!

The Green Bible looks to capitalize on the whole "Go Green" fad that is currently popular. I don't necessarily see anything wrong with that, but I still wonder why they did not include the Deuterocanonical books, which St. Francis would have heard or read. Included, as well, is an essay from the late, great Pope John Paul II. I would imagine that there are many Catholic environmentalists who would appreciate a Catholic edition.


Anonymous said...

No animals were killed or injured in the making of this Bible. This makes me feel ashamed for all those Bibles I own that have leather covers. Maybe this will be a new start for me in collecting Bibles.


Timothy said...

Well, it is sponsored, in part, by the Humane Society!