Monday, May 8, 2017

So who is going to buy me this?


A magnificent new edition of perhaps the most important book ever printed…

The complete original text and illuminations.

Johannes Gutenberg’s innovation of the printing press and movable type stands as one of the greatest technological breakthroughs of all time. His printed Bible is a legend in publishing history with original copies considered priceless. Now, this landmark work is available in a breathtaking leather-bound facsimile edition. The book features the complete text and all the interior illuminations from a unique original.

Limited to just 2,500 hand-numbered volumes.

12” x 16”, 1,288pp 

6 Monthly Installments of $149


Jim said...


You forgot to include a link so the prospective benefactor can secure a copy!


Tom S said...

I think I'll just save up and buy an original Gutenberg.

Or wait until it comes out in English.

Jerry Mc Kenna said...

I don't read Latin, but the biggest hurdle, besides price, is that fact that I don't read the Gothic font very well.

Biblical Catholic said...

$900 for a Bible? Even if I had the money, I don't think I would spend it on a Bible, especially not one in Latin that I can't even read. But it is pretty cool.

Theophrastus said...

I believe the standard for Gutenberg facsimile copies was set by the Paris edition. You can buy one here for a cool $8,495. (Oh, and Tom S., note that it includes the English as well.)

Be sure to see this video of it.

According to the seller: The 4-Volume "Paris Edition" Gutenberg Bible Facsimile Set was modeled after the Gutenberg Bible kept at the Mazarin Library in Paris, France. [...] Originally produced in 1985, with suggested retail price of $9,500, it is a four volume set with four slipcases. The first two volumes are the 1455 Gutenberg Latin Bible, "Biblia Sacra". The second two volumes are an English Language translation. All volumes are bound in ornately detailed cherry-red leather, with heavily gold-stamped spines. They are full-color on every page, and are so precisely like the original that the page watermarks appear in the same position on each 100% rag cotton linen sheet as they do in the original. [...] One person who reviewed this edition was quoted in the manufacturer’s prospectus as saying, "The pages even sound just like a real Gutenberg when you turn them…astonishingly accurate in every way."