Monday, May 22, 2017

YouTube Review of Oxford Catholic Study Bible (from my friend Paul)

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Peter T. said...

A decent video review of the Oxford Catholic Study Bible. I own the tabbed hard cover version of it (plus the Kindle version).

While the Oxford 3rd Edition is indeed an excellent Catholic Study Bible, of the three NABRE Catholic Study Bibles that I own, I would rank it third for those seeking to learn more about their Catholic faith through a Catholic Bible.

The one I rank the highest is the Didache Bible, NABRE edition, by the Midwest Theological Forum, followed by the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible by Little Rock Scripture Study.

The Little Rock Catholic Study Bible is most readable, IMHO, because it employs the best typography overall, along with high quality printing, but the Didache Bible is simply the most thorough in explaining Catholic doctrine and dogma as it relates to the Holy Bible.

The Oxford Catholic Study Bible is better suited for academia and those seeking a more detached scholarly approach to scripture study.