Thursday, May 4, 2017

Catholic Journaling Bible: Old Testament

Thanks to Emilia for the link!
The team at Drawn to Faith is excited to introduce their first Catholic journaling bible. This new journaling bible is perfect for any Catholic who wants to build a stronger relationship with Christ through creative worship. This bible is printed with a single column and over three inches of margin space for journaling, drawing, hand lettering, and even watercolor! The paper in this bible is five times thicker than standard bible paper, and the large format allows for maximum journaling space.
Product Details:
  • All bible verses from the Catholic Bible
  • Each book contains a full page illustration perfect for coloring
  • Premium matte finish paperback cover design
  • Perfect for all coloring & watercolor mediums
  • High quality 60 pound paper stock
  • Large format 8.5" wide x 11.0" tall pages


Anonymous said...

CPDV? Okay, someone fill me in. What does CPDV stand for?


Erap10 said...
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Jerry Mc Kenna said...

Why do you call him a Sedevacantist?

Erap10 said...

Woops! Thanks for helping me double check Jerry Mckenna, apparently I confused his website for another Sedevacantist's website because it was actually promoting his translation.

False alarm y'all. Here is the proof that Ron Conte ISN'T a Sedevacantist:

Erap10 said...

Alright y'all Im reposting this comment without the false info it once had:

Catholic Public Domain Version. It is a modern translation of the Clementine Vulgate by a Catholic apologist (one-man translation). And yes he wanted it to be in the public domain

Jason MSpyridonP said...

Please do not support Ron Conte or his work.

He is a very troubled individual who leads people into heterodox beliefs.

I can post dozens of paragraphs of proof,

I am not being a jerk here.

I am tryinv to save someone by being led astray by a person who makes untrue prophecies amongst and runs a "religuous new age group" type thing.

Also , I have contributed to this site before.

My last post wasnt posted I guess because it was too politically incorrect?

If exposing heretics is not allowed here then I can no longer support this blog.

Timothy said...


There are proper ways to explain your point. I deleted your previous points because they are way over the top in your condemnations. I am letting people know about this resource which I think can be a benefit to people, particularly since there are no Catholic journaling bibles in any of the major Catholic translations. You are always welcome to post, but I will not allow comments that are over the top.

Jason MSpyridonP said...

Ok Timothy,

I have utmost respect for you as a teacher in the faith and pioneer in American Catholic Biblical progress.

I tend to be very zealous and sometimes my zeal can lead me to be uncharitable.

Sometimes I say with St. John "Lord, should we call down fire to consume them", then I need someone speaking with the Spirit of Christ to say "no, the Son of Man came to save, not to condemn".

I get very sketchy because I always picture a babe in Christ getting wind of this fellow and falling under his sway - I know they are strong terms, but he is a confirmed false prophet according to Scripture, as well he is a promoter of heterodox doctrines such as the sinlessness and assumption of St. Joseph.

Also, the definition of a cult is a group where a leader controls access to his group and to himself, sets himself up as the only authority, uses religious terms that are not true to the religion, and often has some sort of sexual aspect.

This Conte fella is overly controlling with his forum, exerts extreme overbeaeing tendencies, is seemingly obsessed with sexual ideas, etc.... this is why I also charge him as a pseudo Cult leader.

I firmly believe if he had the material wealth he would become an actual cult leader.

I have studied cults extensively, and this Ron Conte is extremely worrying.

God bless you Tim.

Jason MSpyridonP said...

Tim, this is a tidbit from a testimony from someone on another forum.

. I posted about a week ago because my brother told me that he was going to become a priest. I'm back because, in further discussions, I've learned that becoming a priest is actually his back up plan.
My brother has become a follower of what I can only call a cult. The leader of this cult is Ron Conte and he appears to be the owner/operator of catholic planet. I've spent some time at catholic planet over the past wee

This is exactly what I am trying to prevent, amd why i believe it is a bad idea to give Ron Conte any publicity wharsoever.

The man is not just an eccentric heterodox person. He is a dangerous pseudo cult leader.

Erap10 said...

I would like to at last point out that this Journaling Bible volume has the same problem as the NT+Ps+Pr one: they both have really girly covers when there isn't a unisex or masculine version available!!! Not that it is bad to cater to women and have a feminine cover. But it makes more sense to me that if you are going to try to find a market for a particular kind of Bible then wouldn't it be smart to FIRST have it come in a unisex cover? And THEN cater to specific genders???

Erap10 said...

At least the proceeds from these Bibles don't directly benefit him. The success will only give a hint to other Catholic publishers who sell approved translations about this Bible idea. Whoohoo!

Unknown said...

I've read some reviews on Amazin about printing errors and such. If anyone has bought this, how did it look to you?

Erap10 said...

I have read about the errors too and then some of the latest ones saying that they might have fixed the problem already. But hey it would help if one of us gets a hand on one of the volumes.

Jason MSpyridonP said...

On doing some further research, I was wrong about something I said earlier (in a way)

I said he teaches a heresy that St. Joseph was sinless and assumed at the end of his life.

This is not a heresy, it is a pious belief that some saints have held and that is considered "theologoumena" - theological opinion.

However, from what I understand, Mr. Conte was saying people who deny St. Joseph was sinless or assumed were heretics themselves, which is absolutely wrong. Catholics are free to believe St. Joseph was a sinful man who died a natural death and is waiting to be resurrected, or they are free to believe he was sinless and assumed at the end of his life.

Until a Ecumenical Council or the Pope speaking ex Cathedra defines the doctrine, it remains a theological opinion that is open to debate amongst theologian.

For what it's worth, I personally believe that St. Joseph was born with original sin, but was incredibly holy and after the annunciation never committed any actual sin till the end of his life. I also believe it is very possible he may have been assumed after his death, but I would not condemn someone else for not believing likewise.

Another little tidbit - there was also speculation about St. John the Baptist being possibly sinless and/or assumed.

I actually just learned both of these things today.... I had known St. Joseph had been talked about like this, but not that several Saints had endorsed the belief (such as St. Alphonsus Ligouri)

Biblical Catholic said...

If you read the preface of the CPDV, I think you will agree with me that Ron Conte has some rather disturbing beliefs.

In the preface, he makes a long-winded argument that there has been a centuries-long conspiracy by Bible scholars to undermine the truth of the Bible by introducing translations other than the Douay-Rheims, which is the only 'true' translation.

He sounds a lot like the more unhinged KJV-Only fundamentalists like Peter Ruckman, who argue that all other translations are false and deny the truths of Christianity.

And it gets worse from there. Just reading the preface alone was enough to put me off of the CPDV.

Erap10 said...

Biblical Catholic,

Could you provide a link? I tried searching for what you reported but I couldn't find it.

Biblical Catholic said...

The version of the preface that I read doesn't seem to be around anymore, but there is this

Note, that he ends by claiming that Vatican City will be destroyed in July 2013.

The fact that he would publicly make that kind of matter of fact prediction, obviously false of course, and not even bother to remove it from his website years later, is an indication of a problem I think.

Timothy said...

Your point has been made. Please stop posting on this subject. Thank you.