Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pope Francis: The Pope from the End of the Earth

I am looking forward to getting a review copy of this book on our new Holy Father Pope Francis. Authored by Thomas J. Craughwell and published by our friends at Saint Benedict Press, this edition "includes over 60 full-color photographs, a fascinating in-depth biography, Foreword by Cardinal Sean O'Malley, first homilies as Pope, and supplemental sections on Catholic beliefs, practices, and traditions." If you are interested in purchasing this volume, consider clicking on the image above and your humble Catholic Bible Blog author will receive a small commission.  Pre-order price is currently $16.06.


Javier said...

I had never thought of my country as the "End of the Earth". Sounds like something out of a Tolkien book.


Biblical Catholic said...

That's how Pope Francis described it on the day of his election, declaring to the crowd that the conclave found a Pope and they had to go 'to the ends of the Earth' to find him....a playful joke about the fact that he is the first Pope from the New World.

Javier said...

I didn't remember he had said that. The fact is we are pretty isolated from the rest of the world down here. Although not as much as the australians, I think.