Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Your Reading Canon" Results

I am back from a short family vacation, so let's take a look at the results from the "Your Reading Canon" post from last week. A number of these books, not surprisingly, proved to be the most popular:

Old Testament
1) Psalms (the most popular)
2) Genesis
3) Tobit
4a) Exodus
4b) Sirach

New Testament
1) John
2) Romans
3) Luke
4a) Matthew
4b) Mark
5a) Acts
5b) James
6a) Hebrews
6b) 1 Peter


Llanbedr said...

Tobit in at number 3 - that's incredibly interesting. I'd always assumed that my love of/interest in Tobit was somewhat unusual. I'm delighted to see how wrong my assumption was!

Timothy said...


Tobit is a great book! My wife and I also picked our first reading during our Wedding Mass from Tobit. There is gold in them Deuterocanonicals!

Chrysostom said...

My female friends (almost all of them) love Tobit.

My reading canon, in order of the books I most enjoy, would look something like:


Wisdom of Solomon
The Maccabees (esp. 4 even though it's not canon)


1 John

In no particular order, although I tried to order from favourite - least favourite, it's not a "closed canon".

Chrysostom said...

I forgot Acts as well. I also like Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Daniel for the prophecies and attempts to interpret them, but it's something you have to be in the mood for - it's more study and less devotional reading.

I believe Isaac Newton was a massive fan of Ezekiel. Sketches of his of Ezekiel's Temple still survive.

I don't believe pseudepigraphic works count, but for the OT, I would have to add
1 Enoch

...and a few others from the pseudepigrapha, and for the NT I would have to add:

Epistle of Barnabas

For books that have a "Biblical" style, even though I read Aquinas, etc. (works of exegesis and theology) more than the Bible itself, but I probably read the New Testament in its entirety (excluding Mark), plus the Didache, Shepherd, etc. once every two or three weeks, and the Old Testament two or three times a year, including 20 or so pseudepigrapha (3/4 Maccabees, 1-3 Enoch, Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, 2-5 Baruch, Leptogenesis, 2-4 Esdras, 4-6 Ezra, Psalms of Solomon).

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to skip Mark when they read the Gospels, but when I was little I always read it because it was the shortest.

In the words of my mother "Mark, the Readers Digest Gospel."