Friday, July 22, 2011

NRSV Editions Update

Recently I have been corresponding at the NRSV Facebook page with a representative from HarperOne/ He let me know that there are indeed plans to publish an NRSV Reference Bible in the near future, as well as new editions of the NRSV-CE. This is certainly good news, particularly for those of us who have been seeking more NRSV editions with cross-references. It seems that the NRSV will continue to be published in many more attractive editions into the future. I have been told by a few people that their NRSV line has sold well over the past year.


Francesco said...

Hi Tim,

Did the rep. say what types of new editions they would be?

Timothy said...


No he did not, except for the reference Bible. He basically to stay tuned, that some new editions are being considered and will be announced in the future.

Jonny said...

I would not be surprised to see new editions of the NRSV... apparently it will be the English version used in the Mass in the UK at some point according to the Catholic Truth Society:

"What about the readings at Mass?

The readings we hear proclaimed at every Mass are not part of the new translation of Missal and so our current Lectionary remains the same.

A new English Lectionary is in preparation. The selection of readings will remain the same but the text will probably be based on the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible and the Grail Psalter. These texts however need to be modified in the light of Liturgiam Authenticam. There is no date yet for the new version of the Lectionary."

I was kind of surprised when I read this that they are not going with the New Jerusalem Bible. But seeing as it is that the whole English speaking world will at some point have at least the same Order of Mass and Psalms, I wonder if everyone will also use the NRSV in Mass as well? I'm sure Tim will keep us posted on this. :)

Timothy said...


You know I will!

My gut feeling is that most if the English speaking world will end up using some form of the NRSV for their lectionary at some point, perhaps with the exception of the USA which will continue to use the NAB.

BTW, Collins Publishes of the UK already print an NRSV-CE edition with the old Grail Psalms and plan to publish an adjusted edition, with revised Grail Psalms and adapted NRSV, in the future.