Thursday, February 11, 2010

Speaking of the NAB.....

Our friends over at Saint Benedict Press, who are quickly becoming the publisher for Catholic Bibles, will soon be releasing a new edition of the current NAB. I am trying to think of what other Catholic publishing house that produces editions of the Douay-Rheims, RSV-CE, or NAB. Hmm...... I don't think one exists besides Saint Benedict Press. So, bravo, for offering Catholics the three most popular Catholic Bibles in three attractive editions.
The Saint Benedict's Press NAB is available in paperback, genuine leather, and premium UltraSoft in both black and burgundy. For those looking for something different in their NAB, these may prove to be just the NAB edition you have been waiting for. As you know, there are very few editions of the NAB in genuine leather out there. However, the NAB can be found in a few UltraSoft/Italian Duo-Tone/synthetic leather editions, most notably the Librosario editions by Fireside. No word yet on page layout, but it will be interesting to take a look once they are published. These editions are currently available for pre-order.
More info from the site:
The New American Bible is the most widely used Catholic Bible version in the U.S. today. The Weekday and Sunday Mass readings are taken from the NAB version, and the U.S. Bishops have endorsed it for use in Catholic church and school religious education programs across the country. It is versatile enough for everyday meditation, personal or group study, or to be given as a beautiful gift. Suitable for everyone from youth to adults, the Saint Benedict Press edition is designed to help the reader better understand and apply scripture readings to daily life and serve as a spiritual guide for many years to come. This edition includes the words of Christ in red, full-color maps of the Holy Land, 3-year cycle of readings for Sunday and weekday masses, classical artwork depicting the life of Christ, and beautiful presentation and family records pages.
Hopefully, Saint Benedict Press will be a future publisher of the revised NAB (NABRE) whenever it is published.


Ted said...

As a non-Catholic one thing I enjoy about Catholic bibles is that they are usually not red-letter. I thought this extremely annoying practice was mainly an evangelical tradition. As one who tries to avoid buying red-letter bibles, I hope this is not a growing trend among Catholic bible publishers.

Timothy said...


I only know of one other Catholic publishers who does this. The vast majority of them are not red-letter Bibles, nor do I think this is a trend.

I never liked it simply because it unconsciously divides the Bible into the words of Jesus and the rest.