Friday, February 19, 2010

Crossing the Goal: Scripture

Crossing the Goal is a popular Catholic TV program shown on EWTN which is designed specifically for men. It has been on the airwaves now for a couple of years, covering such topics as the Cardinal Virtues, the Seven Deadly Sins, the Theological Virtues, the Our Father, and other issues related to mature Catholic manhood and fatherhood.
Here is a little more info about the show's origins, straight from their website: "Danny Abramowicz, former NFL all-pro wide receiver and coach, along with his other team members, has created a television show with EWTN Global Catholic Network called, “Crossing the Goal” which uses a sports show format to encourage men to get into spiritual shape. Coach Abramowicz says, “He and his team consisting of Peter Herbeck, Vice President, Renewal Ministries; Curtis Martin, Founder of Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS); and professional broadcaster, Brian Patrick—provide real solutions to the spiritual challenges men face." Segments include “The Kickoff” where the problem of the day is quickly presented; “The Game Plan,” where two team members lay out the facts men need to know; “The Red Zone,” where the team talks about how they’ve dealt with the problem in their own lives, and the “End Zone,” where each team member gives the audience a take-away for the week."
Recently, they aired a program on Scripture, which you might find helpful. Check it out!


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