Friday, February 12, 2010

Essential Guide to the Holy Bible Offer

Mary Elizabeth Sperry has offered readers of this blog a special discount on an upcoming USCCB Publishing release entitled: Essential Guide to the Holy Bible. This small publication comes from the Libreria Editrice Vaticana. In these 70 pages:

Discover the Bible's extraordinary history, its worldwide scope, and its appeal as the "inspired word" of God in this new offering from the Vatican. Learn more about interpreting, understanding, and using it through selected stories and events. Unique sidebars cover different topics including (1) languages used in the Bible, (2) historical sources, (3) canon of the sacred books (4) related internet sites, (5) and apocryphal books of the Bible that still intrigue and make for great conversation and debate.

All readers of this blog can receive a 10% discount. All you need to do is give the promotion code “BIBLE” when you place your order. Again, you can order this book here.

A special thanks to Mary Elizabeth for extending this offer.


Mary Elizabeth Sperry said...


I'm sorry. The discount is only 10%.

Timothy said...

Yeah, that was a mistake on my part...I quickly fixed it! :)