Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Edition of Catholic Youth Bible (3rd Edition)

Coming this month, Saint Mary's Press will be releasing an update to their very popular Catholic Youth Bible. I recently received a copy in the mail, which I hope to review in the coming weeks once I get a little time to look it over. So far, it looks like they have added some nice sections on lectio divina and the memorization of scripture. I also like the overall look and page format of the new CYB. Once again, it comes in two versions, the NAB and the NRSV-CE.
Here are some of the new features found in the 3rd edition:
•New 40 expanded "Catholic Connection" articles that provide a more complete presentation of those Catholic teachings that are scripturally based
• New 28 articles that address the seven principles of Catholic social teaching
• New 40 pages of 4-color inserts that help you pray, study, and live the Bible and Catholic teachings
• New Illustrations throughout to provide a visual context for the biblical stories
• New Over 275 articles updated to reflect contemporary issues and biblical scholarship
More in the coming weeks.


Terri L. Coons said...

This Sunday I was looking over the 2nd edition of this bible (NRSV_CE) that the parish gives to our RCIC kids. Once again, I was stunned that there was no Sunday/Weekday Liturgy reading guide. I hope that the 3rd edition includes this much overlooked essential Catholic resource. Overall, I think the bible has a cool layout. This was the bible I wanted as a kid but to which I never had access.

NOTE: My CTS bible dedicates a mere 14 pages out of 2250 to the Sunday/Weekday reading guide and, as convenience is such, it is my daily reading bible from which I have gained enormous scriptural wealth.

Timothy said...


The 3rd edition does include the three-year sunday Mass readings.

Terri L. Coons said...

Why do you think that Catholic Bibles don't include the Daily Liturgy Readings guide? Do you see this as a missed opportunity, too?

Timothy said...


I have no idea. It seems like every Catholic Bible should come with at least the three-year Sunday readings. It would be great to have the whole liturgical year, including the weekday, but so many do not include even the Sunday readings.

I wonder if there is a copyright issue?

Mary Sperry said...

There is no copyright issue in including the Sunday/weekday/feast day reading citations in a printed Bible.

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