Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Bible according to the Sistine Chapel


ElShaddai Edwards said...

The Sistine Chapel was definitely one of the highlights of the trip my wife and I took to Rome in 2002. I could have spent hours in there... we picked up the photography book they had available at the time as a reminder, but it is, of course, a pale shadow of seeing the original.

Timothy said...


Good to hear from you! Hope you are well.

Yeah, I agree with you about the Sistine Chapel. I have seen it on three different occasions and each time it gets better.

Oftentimes you can hear or read about a particular work of art which is praised by many people, but when you see it in real life it is a bit of a let-down. Some have told me that the Mona Lisa fits this. For me, the Sistine Chapel is wonderful and earns its reputation. I feel the same way about Michelangelo's David in Florence. Hmmm.....same artist!

Anonymous said...

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