Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Edition of the RSV-CE

St. Benedict Press, recent publishers of the venerable Douay-Rheims Bible, have now published their own edition of the RSV-CE. While I have yet to see any specifics about the edition, it does, however, come in many different cover options, including genuine leather, paperback, and Premium UltraSoft (imitation/pacific duvelle/Italian Duo-tone). It is also available in standard and large-print options.

I will try to post more info on these editions as soon as I can find it.

Well, after a little bit of searching around, I went to the Catholic Company website and found some additional information about the St. Benedict's Press RSV-CE:

The Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition Bible (RSV-CE), translated from the original Greek and Hebrew, is known for its clear, contemporary language which makes it accessible to the modern reader and yet preserves the meaning of the original text. This Saint Benedict Press edition has been tailor-made for prayer and study. Its beautiful, easy-to-read design is preferred by 9 out of 10 readers! The unique features below, and many more, will help you use The Holy Bible to deepen your life with Jesus Christ.

Presentation Page (Click to see a sample)
Words of Christ in Red
Full-color New Testament Maps of the Holy Land (Click to see a sample)
Beautiful Color Paintings Depicting the Life of Christ (Click to see a sample)
Family Records Pages
3-Year Cycle of readings for Sundays and Weekday Masses
Measures 8" x 5.5

Update 2:
I ordered the black, genuine leather edition of the RSV-CE last week, but have yet to receive it. I also emailed St. Benedict's Press customer service at least three times and haven't received a response either. I will let you know more about this edition once I either receive a response from St. Benedict's Press or when I am holding the Bible in my hands.


rolf said...

I wish that Ignatius would offer a large print version of the RSV-2CE, like they did with the RSV-CE. But I would settle for the long awaited Ignatius Study Bible.

Timothy said...

Yeah, I am with you Rolf. I wouldn't mind Ignatius putting out the RSV-2CE in either genuine leather or imitation/duo-tone leather. I really dislike bonded leather! A seminarian friend of mine used as his main Bible, for prayer and study, the bonded leather edition of the RSV-2CE and after about 2 years it was beginning to show some serious wear and tear.

Matt said...

I emailed St. Benedict for some inside layout pictures but haven't heard anything back yet. Those presentation, maps, and painting pages are identical to the Douay they recently put out, which come from a separate publishing house.

Timothy said...


Thanks for the info. I, too, have been emailing them for the past week, but without a response. However, I did place an order for the black, genuine leather version. I really hope it is genuine leather, and not bonded leather. Also, I sure hope that they included the cross-references which were included in the Ignatius version, but absent in the Oxford editions of the RSV-CE. I'll certainly give a review once I get one.

Matt said...

Regarding the Oxford, Ignatius CE and the 2CE, all three are actually different versions. The original Ignatius CE is the 1966 version. The Oxford/Scepter is a version from the 1970s that was slightly revised with more Catholic scholars, and the 2CE is a revision of the Ignatius 1CE. I believe the protestant and catholic RSVs after the 1970s are the same text.

In other words, the Oxford/Scepter and Ignatius Bibles are not truly the same text. There are now two lines of RSV-CE going on...

Timothy said...

Yep that is true. It all depends on whether they use the 1971-2 slight revision of the RSV. I know that someone had once made a page on the web devoted to the various differences in the RSV. Luckily I printed it off before it went off line. Now I just have to find it!

Matt said...

Is this what you mean?

Timothy said...

Nope. Someone actually documented all the differences between the original RSV NT, the RSV-CE, the RSV NT revision in 1971/2, and the RSV-2CE.