Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NAB Revision Update

According to the Catholic Biblical Association, the NAB re-revised Psalms will be presented for approval at the upcoming United States Conference of Catholic Bishops meeting in Baltimore on November 16-19. The CBA site states: "Early 2009: The CCD office has contacted individual scholars to contract for revision of blocks of psalms to be presented to the USCCB for approval at their November meeting." I have received some conflicting reports about this however, but I guess we will have to wait and see. Let's hope, and pray, that this actually occurs and a revised NAB will be released in 2010. The Church in American needs a more uniform Catholic Bible.

If you are interested in seeing the history of this long process of revision, you can go here. It is amazing that it has taken this long! Remember, the revised NAB New Testament, which I like quite a bit, was released in 1986. I was 8 years old at the time!
I blogged my thoughts about this whole process a few months back, which can be read here.


Raphael said...

I hope and pray when the revised NAB is published, the Liturgical version of the NT (with a couple more perfections, such as using "gates of hell", and using "soul" rather than "life" in MT 16, and using "shall" or "will" in Lk 1:34 instead of "can", and using "body" and "eagles" in MT 24 instead of "corpse" and "vultures", and "peace to those of good will" instead of "on whom his favor rests" ) will be the version of the NT used across the board. The Liturgical version of the NT is different and superior to the version in the NAB Bibles the average layperson can currently buy at the local bookstore.

rolf said...

8 years old !!! (in 1986).

To the best of my knowledge, the NAB N.T. is not being revised in anyway, just the O.T. and hopefully the Psalms. Hopefully this will make the NAB more consistant in its translation. Right now it is like having one Bible with three different translations in it.

Timothy said...


Yes! All we are asking for is some consistancy. If they accomplish that, then the NAB will be a more legit everyday/multipurpose Bible.

Raphael said...

But which version of the NT is going to be used? There are currently two versions of the NAB NT, the 1986 version (which has "Hail favored one" and uses the word "Messiah") and the Liturgical version (which has "Hail full of grace", uses the word "Christ", and other differences from the 86 version). Which NAB NT will be in the new Bibles? I hope it's the Liturgical NT.