Thursday, September 10, 2009

Best of Catholic Translation Tribalism

So far here is my compilation of the best of:

NAB: RCIA'rs & liberals

Douay-Rheims: For Catholics who want the "good ole days" of pre-Vatican 2 back when Catholics could tell Protestants they are going to fry in Hell unless they become Catholic

Jerusalem/New Jerusalem: For literary elites who despise the atrocious barbaric English of the NAB

Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition: Informed Conservatives who say- "Oh well, its the closest thing to the NASB/ESV we got... *sad face*"

NRSV: For those who win contests on Catholic Bible Blogs

Good News Bible: For those who like biblical drawings depicting people without faces or discernible appendages

Christian Community Bible: For Boff buffs

I love the responses so far, they all have been very fun to read. So, if you have any more, keep them coming!


Fran said...

Oh this is great!!!

(This is Fran from St. Edward's blog and winner of a Bible from you!)

Owen said...

Actually, on the NRSV Scot McKnight had it better. The only change I would make in terms of a Catholic NRSV is that it's the bible for liberals and dissenting "faithful", oh and Canadians, like me, who are forced by the CCCB to listen to such rot at each Mass.

Mr G. said...

Hello, Timothy:

Would you really say that the CCB is for 'Boff buffs?'

Mr G.

(Spiffing blog, by the way).

Mr G. said...

By the way - interestingly enough, I think that here in the UK the vast majority of us would consider the Jerusalem Bible as being for 'RCIA'ers' and liberals. The attitude you have towards 'your' NAB seems to be incredibly similar to how we feel about 'our' JB. Having said that, the new CTS editions, with the alterations ordered by the Pope etc, are a vast improvement.