Monday, September 14, 2009

B16 Jesus of Nazareth Part II

According to RomeReports, Pope Benedict XVI will release the second part of his two volume study of Jesus of Nazareth early next year:

This is very exciting news, since I enjoyed the first part a lot. I may even bring it with me to re-read during my upcoming honeymoon in Italia. I am glad to see that he is close to finishing the book, since one of my initial worries was that he would not have enough time to finish the project. Very cool!


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your upcoming
marriage.--You and your readers might be interested in a new prayer book that has come out
in the UK. Produced by Britain's Catholic Truth Society,it is entitled,Prayer Book For Spouses. It includes prayers a couple would use throughout their marriage.
It has been lampooned by some
because it includes a "Prayer
Before Sex." The critics,however,
don't seem to realize that marriage
is a sacred institution and that
sex is the union of two beings
created in the image of likeness
of God. And while using this prayer may seem a bit unromantic
if used all the time or at the start of a relationship. As a couple becomes more settled down,
I believe that recognizing the
majesty within your spouse is
what's needed to keep a marriage
and the passion in the marriage going. Those who lampoon this
noble effort of the Church in
Britain, just don't get it.
I've seen many marriages in
my extended family fail.
Not surprisingly, many of these
people had no respect for the divine within themselves or
their mate. The sad fact is that
many didn't know that they and
their spouses are children of
a loving God. Couples must see
the beauty of their spouses
within. Beauty fades, but the
beauty of a soul connected
to God can grow. Couples should
be encouraged to see this.
The Catholic Truth Society also
has other books to aid the
Christian family. --A link
for the prayer book is below.

Daniel said...


I seem to remember that Pope Benedict's series on Jesus was planned to be 3 volumes. Am I remembering that correctly?

Timothy said...


I thought that the part 1 would focus on his ministry from the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration, while part 2 would cover his birth and death/resurrection.

Timothy said...


Thanks for the kind words. I will certainly take a look at that book when I get back. I have ordered a few things in the past from CTS, and have not been disappointed.

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