Friday, April 24, 2009

Catholic Bible Poll at 300+

Well, here are the results as the Catholic Bible Poll reaches over 300 votes. Of course, this poll is in no way scientific, but it may help indicate which translations are being read. Here are the results after 321 votes cast:

1) Revised Standard Version 30% with 95 votes
2) New Revised Standard Version 19% with 62 votes
3) New American Bible 19% with 61 votes
4) Douay-Rheims 13% with 43 votes
5) New Jerusalem Bible 8% with 26 votes
6) Jerusalem Bible 7% with 22 votes
7) Good News Bible 2% with 8 votes
8) Christian Community Bible 1% with 4 votes

So, what do these "results" indicate. Well, the RSV remains the clear favorite. The NRSV jumped into the second spot, overtaking the NAB by one vote. I think the most interesting thing to watch in the future is the back and forth between the NAB and NRSV. The Douay-Rheims remains in the fourth spot, however it continues to garner more votes each time I update the poll. Perhaps more people from the Catholic Answers scripture forum have been stopping by and voting. Another interesting change is that the NJB has retaken fifth place back from its "parent" translation the JB. The GNB and CCB continue to take up the rear.

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