Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lectionary Search Tool

There is now a site that allows you to search the Lectionary by Scripture passage. So, if you have a particular passage that you love, you can type it in and see when it will be read during the Liturgical year. For example, one of my favorite passages is Romans 5:8, well here are the results. Thanks to Jeff at The Cross Reference for developing this great tool!

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Unknown said...

Ave Maria!

The link to the site has been down for ages. Can you post a new link or send me the information - I need a Lectionary Search Tool because I celebrate the Mass in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms and often I have difficulty finding the corresponding Mass reading in one or the other form -- the tool will help me save time, because I may have a homily already prepared for one or the other form, but can't find it (saved by date or some other way, without the scripture indicated in the file name). My email:

Thank you and God bless you.