Monday, May 7, 2018

Hello ESV-CE Readers....

I would like to know from those of you who have received the ATC edition of the ESV-CE some info:

1) How is the bible edition holding up?

2) How are you liking the ESV-CE translation?


Anonymous said...


Remember that copy they said they would send me? Yeah, never arrived. Back to the drawing board!


Ronny Tadena said...

Hey all,

Aspiring ESV-CE reader here. I've also had problems trying to order through the ATC website. I've place orders twice, once without registering an account on their website, and then most recently I tired again after registering and making sure I was signed in.

The problem I'm having is that I have to order using the bank transfer option, since the paypal option seems to malfunctioning, so I need them to send me bank transfer info, but they never have.

I've tried emailing both email addresses they have listed, but only the info one seems to go through. I even bought a bit of international calling time and tried to call them directly at 10:30 am their time, but it just rang without ever being picked up for going to a voicemail.

Anyone who's actually managed to buy from these guys have any tips for how to order from them? I really want to get my hands on one of these but it seems like every avenue I've tried has been a dead end.

At this point, I might just use the money I've been saving for this and pick up one of those US editions of the NLT:CE instead.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

- Ronny

Russ said...

I'm hoping somebody who has successfully purchased this Bible will post here. In the meantime I must admit that I have given up after four unsuccessful attempts to make payment for this Bible. The bank transfer fee here in Tokyo was over fifty dollars, and Western Union will only ship in Rupees -- and only to an individual, not a company. I hope another company with better payment options will produce and sell the ESV-CE -- hopefully in a floppy leather edition.