Tuesday, January 31, 2017

One Last Post This Week: A Question on Twitter and Bible Translations

I am curious, do any of you follow a particular translation on Twitter?  If so which ones do you follow?  Do you use them for inspiration or as part of a daily devotional or for learning news about that particular translation?  I am primarily looking at official Twitter pages for these translations.

I am aware of a few:


The Message

The Message Catholic



Anonymous said...

Didn't know those feeds existed! Sounds like a welcome break from my typically political-oriented twitter feed.

CWBuckley said...

NLTCE (@ThriveOnTheWord from nltce.com)

Michael Francis Saunders said...

RSV CE https://twitter.com/RSV2CE

wxmarc said...

The Common English Bible (CEB) also has an official twitter page. I don't follow them, but I have visited their feed a few times:

Erap10 said...

Apparently there is no twitter for NABRE according to Mary Sperry. Not even an unofficial one!

Anonymous said...

Here's an unofficial RSV(CE) Twitter feed: @RSV_CE