Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Break-in Plan for First-Time Bible-Readers from

The folks who are authoring the NLT-CE website are doing some fantastic things.  They recently posted an article entitled A Break-in Plan for First-Time Bible-Readers that is worth your time, as well as many others.  I am really impressed with the outreach and promotion that is going on.  This is how you promote a Bible  translation!  Bravo!

Wouldn't you love to see this kind of outreach with some of your other favorite translations?  Just reminder, of course, is that the NLT-CE will be officially released in the USA later this year, likely in the Fall.  More news on that when it is made available.


rolf said...

I agree Timothy, this is a great way to promote a Bible! I get a daily post from them on facebook!

Jeff S. said...

I left the following comment on the May 12 blog piece and just realized
that it should have been left here.
Here's the gist of it: I called Tyndale House this morning and
the woman I spoke to said the current estimated release date is
mid-September this year, in other words 8 months from today.
Here's the page that has their contact information: