Wednesday, December 30, 2015

RSV-2CE Large-Print?

Thanks to Eric for the scoop!

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For a look inside:

The Revised Standard Version of the Bible is acclaimed by many as the clearest, most accurate and most beautiful modern translation of the Bible. This newly designed and typeset 2nd edition of the popular Ignatius RSV Catholic Bible is a contemporary English translation that revises archaic language of the first edition, but avoids dumbing-down the text. It retains the beauty of the RSV language that makes the Ignatius Bible such a joy to read. Now the only contemporary Catholic Bible translation in standard English is even more beautiful in word and design, and much easier to read with the large print!

This large print version, in three different versions – leather, hard and soft covers - makes this popular yet beautiful Bible translation more accessible and appealing to a wider reading audience.

The Large Print Edition is the perfect option for devotional reading for those who prefer larger print, have impaired vision, or are reading from a lectern. It features large, clear type and additional materials of interest to all readers.

Special Features: 

  • Completely re-designed and newly typeset with large 14 point font size
  • The RSV, second Catholic edition, is the only Bible translation that uses standard (non-feminist) English and is in conformity with the Church's translation guidelines found in the Vatican document, Liturgiam Authenticam
  • 16 pages of color maps
  • Large 7 x 10 trim size
  • Handsome dark blue cover with gold icons


CWBuckley said...

I'll be really curious to see the copyright page on this volume.

I think it will be the first edition printed since the USCCB emailed me that:

"I can assure you that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has never reviewed or ever granted its approval to the Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition. We have notified the publisher that its designation is erroneous, and the publisher kindly assured us that it will not appear in future printings of the Bible."

Really curious as to what it will say.

rolf said...

Thank you eric for the update! As Timothy knows I have been waiting for a RSV-2CE large print for the last 7+ years that I have been on this blog! I need it for teaching RCIA, we use this Bible in our sessions. I have been using my iPhone to teach with, but for me a giant print Bible works the best! I use the Giant print NABRE for my Bible study sessions (everybody has a NAB/NABRE). I pre-ordered this leather large (giant) print RSV-2CE from Ignatius. Again, this is why this blog is effective- thank you!

Timothy said...


You were the first person I thought of!

Unknown said...


Happy I could help you out. To be honest, I wasn't looking for it, but just did a double take when I was scrolling and realized I'd seen too many blue covers with iconography.

I'm curious how thick will it be? If it's no thicker than the ICSB or regular type 2CE, I think it'll be great. If it's 2-1/2 inches thick, I'm gonna say not necessarily a good thing.

rolf said...

It will be as thick as their RSV-CE version (1 3/4 inches) 9 3/4 x 6 3/4 H&W. It won't be small but it is not oversized either.

Anonymous said...

Mine is now pre-ordered. Thanks for alerting us to this.

Am I safe to guess that this is could be a precursor to a complete ICSB? If memory serves, the NT ICSB is about 14 point type.


Unknown said...


If that were the case, it would likely be a miracle.

Of course...

"I believe in miracles Marquet; it's part of my job." -Bishop of Aquila, "Ladyhawke"

(Yes, I've been looking for an excuse to use that quote for awhile). ;-)

rolf said...

Anon, the ICSB-NT uses about size 11 font. I don't think that this large print Bible is a precursor to the complete ICSB, but it may be one more project out of the way to clear a way for it. Or it could be that Ignatius Press got tired of me complaing about a lack of a large print RSV-2CE for the last 7+ years on this blog! :-)

Erica M said...

Do we know if this large print version will have the lectionary like the previous Ignatius Large Print? That would be fantastic. At least I can now finally have a large print RSV-2CE. And I was just debating whether or not to send my regular print copy to Leonard's... Guess I know what I'll be doing now. If only this had been around when I was hunting for a large print bible for Eric.

rolf said...

Erica, I was also thinking those same thoughts. I was looking at the RSV-CE large print that I have, and I also saw the Lectionary schedule in the back, and was hoping that it would be included in the new version. There are also 16 pages of maps listed which is also the same as older version. Last time Ignatius and I believe Scepter partnered with Oxford who printed the Large print Bibles and the maps are Oxford's. But in that arrangement they were all using a common translation (RSV-CE) which all three already published in various other versions.This time Ignatius is using their own version (RSV-2CE) so I am not sure if they have an outside arrangment for publishing this new Bible, or are they going it alone? It is funny Erica, I have had those same thoughts about Leonard's!

Erica M said...

Rolf, we are cut from the same cloth! Here's hoping they have the Lectionary. It's possible; compare the descriptions of the large print RSV-CE and the new large print RSV-2CE. They're very similar, almost lifted word-for-word from the old large print description. The Lectionary was explicitly mentioned in the special features section though, so we may be out of luck—I'd think if the Lectionary and Prayers section were included they'd mention it. I still pre-ordered it.

My eyes are okay, but I only see well out of one because of my disability. I can read regular font, but large print goes a long way towards reducing eye strain and headaches. I have enough of a time with my law school textbooks to be struggling with my Scripture text too. I suppose the weight will be a trade off. I always want a small bible to make it easier to carry, but I can't read the font! Do we know the expected weight of the book?

rolf said...

Erica, if it weights the same as the RSV-CE large print, then the weight will be smiliar to the Oxford NOAB. It isn't light but when you use 14 size font the Bible winds up being over 2300+ pages and it is a trade off. As for the lectionary readings, I have an app for my iPhone that I use more often than the one in the Back of Catholic Bibles.

hoshie said...

To get an idea how big the font size could be in this Bible, I looked at four Bibles that might be classed as large print. For comparsion, my paperback RSV-2CE is 9.5px. Here are the Bibles:

Revised English Version NT: 15px
New American Standard Bible update: 13px
ESV Psalms: 12px
New International Reader's Version: 14px
Easy to Read Version: 13px

The first version is published by a Unitarian group. The last two are children's Bibles. I have no idea why the font is so large, but it is nice. However to get the best idea how the Bible will look, go to Ignatius and download the sample PDF. Click print and before you do, uncheck or deselect the "fit to page" option. This should be able to give a good guesstimate as to the type size.

Anonymous said...

Hope Ignatius now learns its lesson that they could extend their leverage for the RSV-2CE by providing more editions.

Some RSV-CE users cannot fully change their preference to the RSV-2CE because of few editions available.

rolf said...

I emailed Ignatius about when the large print Bible would be avaiable. I inquired about the leather version and was told they might receive them in their warehouse in mid- February and then they would be shipped right out.

rolf said...

I checked the Ignatius Press website and they list the hardcover version of this large print Bible in-stock and the leather and paperback versions still are listed as pre-order. If anybody ordered this in hardcover maybe you will be getting it soon!

rolf said...

My RSV-2CE large print (bonded leather) Bible arrived today! Almost 10 years from the date that I bought the origial RSV-2CE back in 2006. It has the blue cover with the icons on it (which I have always liked). It is a giant print Bible, 2100 pages plus maps. It is no light weight, it measures 10 1/4 x 7 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches. Ignatius used nice paper instead of the tissue paper that other giant print Bibles use. The print is size 14 and is very bold. The paper is off white and is of a nice quality and thickness, bleed through is well controlled. The bonded leather cover is like the regular print Bibles and is flexible. Ignatius uses the same maps, the only thing I wish this Bible came with was a ribbon marker. I am very pleased with it and I will be using it to teach my RCIA sessions!

Timothy said...


I want a review from you!!! (After Easter)