Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to School Contest

It is back to school time for almost everyone.  I have been back for almost a month at this point.  So, in celebration of this, I am going to offer a special Benedict XVI giveaway.  The winner will receive the following books, all of which are in excellent condition.

The Books are:
Come Meet Jesus by Amy Welborn
New Outpourings of the Spirit (Ignatius)
God's Word (Ignatius)
Europe: Today and Tomorrow (Ignatius)
Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith (Ignatius)
Great Christian Thinkers (Fortress)

Rules for the contest:

1) If you have a website or blog or an active Facebook account, please announce this contest. If you don't, that is OK. You can still enter the contest.

 2) Please enter your name in the comment section of this blog post. I (or my wife) will randomly draw one winner at the conclusion of the contest, which will be on Sunday September 13th at 11:59 PM.

 3) I will announce the winners on Monday September 14th. The winner must contact me, via email, within a week with their full name and address.

 4) One entry per person.

 5) Contest is only available to those who live in the United States.


Alejandro Sanchez said...

Alejandro Sanchez

Does Twitter count? I'll tweet it anyway :)

Anonymous said...

George-Anthony Semaan

Thomas said...

Thomas O'Neil

Anonymous said...

Jim W.

Thanks for your offerings. To the winner, enjoy the texts! Marvelous works. To the rest of us, perhaps Tim's offerings will encourage us to share from our own "libraries"! Share the faith, spread the "wealth"!

FIBERONE said...

Mary M.

Dwight said...

Dwight Spivey

Victoria said...

Victoria T.

Any of those would be a great supplement to my biochemistry and anatomy/physiology books this semester! :)

Unknown said...

J.L. Burden

Anonymous said...

Sarah K. here.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Naylor.