Monday, September 29, 2014

NRSV Hardcover with Deuterocanicals by ABS

I would like to start off by thanking reader Daniel for pointing the edition out to me.  As I have mentioned before, but not often enough, I have some wonderful readers of this blog.  Thank you!

The American Bible Society, which has become more and more involved in providing Catholic resources in recent years, provides various Catholic editions of the Bible.  This includes not only a number of NABRE volumes, but also some NRSV Bibles as well.  Last year they published the intriguing Poverty and Justice Bible Catholic Edition, which utilized the NRSV-CE text.  I like it in many ways, unfortunately like most of the NRSV Bibles on the market, it did not include any cross-references.  This remains a continual issue for those who want a nice edition of the NRSV with them included.

Well, reader Daniel recently pointed out to me an economy Bible the ABS publishes called the NRSV Hardcover with Deuterocanonicals.  Let me say this up front: It is not a premium or HarperOne type edition in any way.  In many ways, this would make a great pew Bible if Catholic Churches actually utilized pew Bibles in our churches.  (That is, of course, another issue for another time.)  For this edition, the paper is thin, the printing is not very bold, the maps are laughable, and the binding is glued.  Yuck right?  Rebinding this edition may not be either an option or desired.

However, there are two things going for it.  First off, it only costs $10.99, making it a fairly cheap purchase for most.  Those of you who are a bit suspicious of the NRSV, might like to consider this edition.  You can also purchase it in a case of a sixteen for under nine dollars each.   Secondly, and most importantly, it contains cross-references.  Yes, this is an NRSV with cross-references.  I will repeat that statement one last time, it is an NRSV with cross-references.  Such a rare thing really.  Most other editions that have cross-references are study bibles or expensive (or out-of-print) reference Bibles.  Now get this, not only are there bottom-of-the-page cross-references, they even reference the Deuterocanonical books.  Take for example the image I have for you here on the right.  It comes from 1 Corinthians 15:14-50.  If you look, you will see references to 2 Maccabees, as well as 4 Maccabees.  The Deuterocanonical books, themselves, have cross-references linking to both the Old and New Testaments.

So, this is a nice find.  If ABS would consider creating a Catholic edition of this, with a little bit nicer materials, it could make a great candidate for a rebinding.  


Daniel said...

Your welcome!

For all its faults (The small inner margin being the most frustrating) this has become my go to edition of a formal translation. Both the NRSV translation and the ABS cross references are outstanding.

Daniel said...

Your welcome!

For all its faults it has become my go to edition when I need a formal translation. Both the NRSV and the ABS cross references are outstanding.

Anonymous said...

I have a paperback copy of this Bible. It's very handy to refer to.

Russell said...

I know this is an old thread, however, based on it, I was able to purchase a copy of this edition recently. This year, I am reading from the NOAB RSV (extended edition, '77); however, I wanted an NRSV to reference, and this edition seemed perfect. The particular one I received (via 3rd party, Amazon) was new, although the cover was bent slightly and it had an imprint of the naval academy seal on the front cover, which was not advertised! The seller was gracious and provided a full refund. Anyway, I am happy to have an NRSV in hand for reference/comparison, including one with cross references. Different resources I am reading/using seem to keep referring to the NRSV.

Final mention: the maps in the back are a bit laughable, however, I didn't buy it for the maps of course. On that topic, the Harper Collins Bible Atlas is a great resource.

Timothy said...

Thanks for sharing!