Wednesday, February 13, 2013

B16 Contest

In honor of the news that our beloved Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI will be retiring at the end of the month, I would like to offer a contest.  The winner of this contest will receive a small prize pack that will include copies of Deus Caritas Est, Spe Salvi, and St. Paul: Spiritual Thoughts Series by the USCCB publishing.  As a bonus, particularly since Pope Benedict is a top rate Biblical scholar, I will include a fascinating 4CD set called Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls presented by Dr. Michael Barber.  This prize pack contains not only great resources for Lent, but also for the remainder of the Year of Faith!

Contest Rules:

1) If you have a blog, please advertise this contest on it.  (If you do not have a blog, then don't worry about it.)

2) This contest is open to everyone, not just those in North America.

3) Answer the following question in fifty words or less, in the comments: "What will you miss most about Pope Benedict when he abdicates on February 28th?" 

4) Include at least your first name and country at the end of the entry.  No anonymous entries will be considered.  Only one entry per person.

5) Contest ends on Saturday, February 16th at 11:59PM.


Anonymous said...

...That red Camauro and red cloak, Nothing could get a person in more festive spirits then Santa Benedict!

John Blake, Ireland.

Dwight said...

As a convert from the Southern Baptist tradition, his Biblical scholarship was so attractive. He is the only pope I've known as a Catholic, and my heart breaks to see him go. I will miss his powerfully gentle and humble mannerisms. Viva il papa!

Dwight Spivey - USA

Jonathan Waldburger said...

I'll miss the liberals in my parish complaining about Pope Benedict being too traditional and conservative. But they'll have someone new to complain about by Easter. God bless the Holy Father and all he has done for the Church!

Jonathan Waldburger, South Africa.

David said...

I will miss the depth of his teachings most of all. With Blessed John Paul II, there was a simple beauty to his homilies and writings, but with Benedict XVI's there was a great depth that revealed far more to me, and enriched my faith and soul.

David Prieto, United States of America

Daniel Norman McNamara said...

Dear Tim,
I will miss his thoughtful academic approach to many questions and issues . Much of this was lost on a lot of people throughout the Church. Hopefully, more of his old writings will be translated in printed.

Daniel Norman McNama
Rockledge, Florida, USA

Biblical Catholic said...

One thing I won't miss are the frequent 'Nazi' jokes.....jokes based on a total failure to understand what it was actually like to live in Nazi Germany, children didn't actually have the option of refusing to join....

But one thing I will miss is his dry sense of humor....I remember in his first year, he was giving a speech on some subject and he said that he is old and tired and so while he gives the speech he will be seated...but this should not be construed as meaning that he intended to speak 'ex cathedra', a pun on the fact that 'ex cathedra' means 'from the chair'....


Unknown said...

I will miss Benedict's expert precision with words. It is rare that such an expert theologian and such a brilliant pastor occur in the same person. God bless him in his continued life of prayer.

Matthew from the United Kingdom

Unknown said...

I will miss his expert precision with words. It is rare that such an expert theologian and brilliant pastor occur in the same person. May God bless him in his continued life of prayer.

Matthew from the United Kingdom

Stephen Fry said...

I will miss being able to blame absolutely everything on him without any logical reason other than the fact that I'm a practicing sodomite with a history of mental health issues.

Stephen Fry, UK.